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Mr John Roberts
41 Dragon Lane,
BH24 3BS

About Waterscape Solutions Ltd

We design, supply, or supply and install automatic watering systems that will look after the watering requirements of your garden and give you back the time that you would otherwise spend hand watering. What’s more, we will probably make a better job of it!

Protecting the investment in your garden, house price and what is more important, buying you extra hours in the week. You may already know that these types of watering systems are extensively used as a watering solution throughout the UK, helping maintain sports turf and some of our well known gardens like Kew and Wisley Gardens, but we have also installed systems for clients with very minimal requirements, such as green houses or hanging baskets. Yes, these systems are sophisticated, yet effective, and will release you from the burden and worry of watering, even when you are not at home.

Actually effectively watering will help conserve water and, therefore, help the environment and save you money if you are on a water metre.

Ask any gardener about watering their garden and you will probably hear the response: "Regular watering is essential for my garden and helps maintain the health & appearance of my plants and grass.” However, if we think about this further, water is becoming an ever-increasingly valued commodity. Grass, plants, trees are expensive to establish and all need watering. What is more, plants, shrubs and grass will not flourish and may die from lack of water, incorrect watering or over-watering. We cannot rely on our climate to provide the right quantities at the right time. Therefore, for a more reliable watering, a supplementary system is essential.

A watering can or garden hose is a solution of sorts, but how do you know how much water is being applied by these traditional methods? Could you in fact be over watering? Is the time you spend hand watering stopping you from other activities! Time you could otherwise spend enjoying your garden or with your family or friends. What happens when you are away on holiday or spending your time working? How much do you value your time?

Installation & Design
This system is not just a pipe and guess work. You will have a system designed to fit your garden. Standard parts, certainly, but each garden differs and will need different amounts of water in each area. The designer will consider the lawn areas, flower-beds, shrubs, trees, hedges, vegetable and soft fruit areas, even hanging baskets.

The design will start with a controller that suits the way you want your system to operate. The pipe work will be designed to channel the water in the exact quantities for each sprinkler. The pop up heads will be selected from a range where a full 360° arc to, say, 90° arc are used to confine water to a specific bed or area. These heads can be chosen to avoid paths and patios where watering would just be wasted.

Pipes are generally laid underground out of the way and out of sight. Modern techniques for laying pipe cause minimal disruption to the ground. Pop up sprinkler heads are installed below the ground level and pop-up and retract by water pressure. This leaves the garden 'safe' for mowing and there is no hose trailed across the garden to trip over.

An electronic timer/control so you tell the system how much water to apply, what time to turn on, even while you are away from your home.

No more under watering, which can lead to brown lawns or plants under stress and the inevitable cost for replacement or weed control. No more over watering from portable sprinklers or hoses left to run for too long. You can top up erratic rainfall and protect your creation of fine borders, flower beds and lawns. Take satisfaction from switching on the rain in your garden exactly when your garden needs it.

On completion once the system is commissioned, you are free from the ties of hand watering. Within a couple of weeks, you will see a remarkable difference in the health and appearance of your plants and lawn, and it doesn’t take long before you, your family and the garden and the increased value of your property start to benefit from your automatic watering system.

Every garden has its own individual watering needs and, therefore, requires its own design criteria. In our design, sprinklers are carefully selected with the right benefits and features to suit your garden.

From drip or micro spray for flowerbeds, to gear driven rotary sprinklers for the lawns. All of our systems are designed to meet with the Waterboard Regulations, operated by either a tank and pump system or pipework configured to their requirements.

Choice of the right equipment is essential with every successful design, from the type of drip emitters, micro-sprays or sprinkler head choice. Choosing the correct arcs ensures water is delivered to precisely the right areas. In our design process, we will ensure that your system is easy to understand, operate and maintain.


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