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About Environments for People

Providing a complete solution for environmental advice and construction.
  • High quality and cost effective ecological, water and construction consultancy services to councils, schools, developers, industry and government.
  • Protected species mitigation, licensing and planning.
  • A full design and construct service for recycled plastic walkways, cycleways and bridges.
  • Habitat creation and restoration planning and management solutions for all environments.
  • We cover the whole of the UK and Europe.
Bringing over 50 combined years of survey, assessment, and delivery experience to projects, we work at all levels with a range of specialists required to ensure project delivery. Having a wide range of experience in land and water engineering, environmental consultancy and environmental contracting we have worked on projects for pond creation and restoration, urban park restoration, protected species licensing, European environmental regulations permitting and water and wetland assessment and design.

Environmental Consultancy
We are able to provide a wide range of ecological, planning, environmental and engineering consultancy services, either from our in house staff or by partnering with experienced specialist consultants to provide a wider experience base. Our ethos of providing the best quality service and value for money, coupled with our partnership approach, means that you can be confident that we will provide you with a high quality, innovative, and cost effective service.

We are pleased to be able to offer the following services which can be stand alone, or integrated with our contracting services as you require:
  • Ecological Assessments and Ecological Habitat Management
  • Biodiversity planning and implementation
  • Site assessment, management, and access planning
  • Planning permission, consents and licences
  • Protected species survey and mitigation planning e.g. Great Crested Newts, Bats, Badger
  • Urban Site Restoration plans
  • Recycled plastic boardwalks, bridges, viewing platforms, tables and seats
  • Water management - level monitoring and planning, reedbeds, flooding
  • Environmental Clerk of Works
Alongside the consultation, planning and development process there is sometimes a need for external funding, especially by community and voluntary organisations.

Environmental Contracting
Our contracting arm undertakes the work that we have developed with you as part of the consultancy process. We believe this is an important factor that is missing in the traditional consultant-client-contractor relationship and allows value for money to be achieved, as well as a quality outcome. The site element of a project must work alongside, as well as following on from, the design, consultation, planning and licensing stage of a project. The continuity of involvement between the designer and contractor allows the project to develop on site if necessary as conditions are found which could not be foreseen.

To ensure the correct mitigation, habitat improvements and management are implemented there needs to be a consistent approach. Environments for People has extensive experience of designing, installing and monitoring barrier fences for protected species such as great crested newts.

Pond and lake development and maintenance is a speciality of ours - whether it be the management or restoration of an existing pond or the construction of new ones.

Who We Work With
  • Wetlands
    Environments for People specialise in wetland management, ranging from pond construction and restoration through to land drainage ditch management and flood alleviation projects. We undertake surveys and assessments of the site, offer advice and recommendations before delivering a completed project.

  • Site Restoration
    We are able to assess and plan the appropriate management for a site using our varied expertise, taking into account its wildlife and human needs. In addition we implement recommendations and management proposals.

  • Access
    We are a leading company in the design and usage of recycled plastic for boardwalks, cycleways, pedestrian bridges, educational dipping platforms and bespoke furniture. We can undertake the project as design and build or on a design and supply only basis. We also undertake standard path construction.

  • Environmental Consultancy
    Before any works it is advisable to undertake an assessment of what is there and what is required: wildlife surveys, ecological assessments, environmental impact assessments, mitigation plans. Many developments require pre planning assessments, surveys, advice and mitigation. They also need some one to deliver the mitigation and manage their ecological responsibilities during construction and post build.


Products & Services

Recycled plastic boardwalk

Protected Species Survey

Great Crested Newts

Land and Estate Management

Habitat Improvements

Environmental Clerk of Works

Water management - level monitoring and planning, reedbeds, flooding

Recycled plastic boardwalks, bridges, viewing platforms, tables and seats

Urban Site Restoration plans

Protected species survey and mitigation planning e.g. Great Crested Newts, Bats, Badger

Planning permission, consents and licences

Site assessment, management, and access planning

Biodiversity planning and implementation

Ecological Assessments and Ecological Habitat Management

Environmental Consultancy

Environmental Contracting

Environmental Contractors

Environmental Consultants

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