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Richard Stripling
Unit 29 Arnold Business Centre
Brookfield Road

About Cobalt Carbon Free

Damp Proofing and Solid Wall Insulation Specialists
We offer specialised Damp Proofing and Solid Wall Insulation services. These form the core focus of our business. That’s not to say damp proofing and solid wall insulation is all we do!

Our 30 years of experience means we’re not shy turning hands to any challenge. We have a trusted network of proven suppliers and subcontractors. Those relationships help us provide the full range of specialist building services. We control quality and the delivery of the project using our own people. Then we commit to aftercare services for all our customers for life.

Solid Wall Insulation
If your home was built with solid walls, Solid Wall Insulation could be the right system for you. Our insulation and render systems are all about quality – they look great, and keep your home feeling warm and dry. Give your home a new lease of life, and save money on your energy bills.

Why choose Solid Wall Insulation?
  • The living environment can be vastly improved using External Wall Insulation, Internal Wall Insulation, Hybrid Wall Insulation systems
  • Insulates the home – minimises heat-loss & significantly reduces heating costs
  • Resolves any rising & penetrating damp issues affecting external walls
  • No effect to internal room area where External Wall Insulation system is used
  • Minimal impact on your home during construction phase
  • Transforms your home, looks fantastic when finished & makes your home feel ‘one of a kind’
  • Environmentally friendly – reduces your annual CO2 production by up to 2000kg
External Wall Insulation
If your home was built before 1920, it probably has solid walls with no gap between. This means that the cavity cannot be filled with insulation, and your house will lose a lot more heat than modern homes. There are two options for insulating solid walls; fitting insulation to the outside of the walls, or fitting it inside.

Why Choose External Wall Insulation?
The benefits of External Wall Insulation include:
  • Solving problems with your existing render
  • Improving the look of your home
  • Increasing the value of your home
  • Virtually eliminating condensation
  • Removes the chilly damp atmosphere
  • Low maintenance, not no maintenance
  • Giving total weather protection
  • No disruption inside your home
  • No reduction in internal floor area
How Is External Wall Insulation Installed?
Firstly, if the property has existing render, a render test must be carried out to see if it is strong enough to hold the insulation. If not, all the existing render will need to be removed before attaching the insulation to the brickwork. If the render test shows that the existing render is firmly held in place, the render can be smoothed. This will then be ready for the External Wall Insulation to be applied directly on to it.

Internal Wall Insulation
Internal Wall Insulation is a great option in solid wall properties where external insulation is not practical. For example, with listed buildings and conservation areas where you wish to preserve the look of the building. Or where access restricts external work and in flats, where internal insulation is the only solution.

Why Choose Internal Insulation?
The benefits of Internal Wall Insulation include:
  • No problems with changes to the exterior of your home
  • No planning permission required
  • Convenient to install if already refurbishing the interior of your home
  • Suitable for flats and apartments where the exterior cannot be changed
Design and Installation
Insulating an existing wall changes the heat and moisture patterns in the wall. So it is vital to carry out condensation risk analysis before undertaking any work on site. To minimise the risk of condensation, the joints between Quinn Therm QW boards should be taped with metalised tape to form an AVCL. This will prevent moisture from the building interior condensing on the cold side of the insulation.

Hybrid Wall Insulation
External and internal insulation can be used together in one property. This is known as a “Hybrid System”. Hybrid Wall Insulation incorporates the benefits of both internal wall insulation and external wall insulation.

How does Hybrid Wall Insulation work?
After internal wall insulation is installed, there will be a need for redecorating. However, using a Hybrid System means this will only affect certain rooms. The front of the property will still look the same, but will have an improved thermal performance.

Damp Proofing
At Cobalt we have over 30 years’ experience diagnosing and treating damp problems. The first step is identifying the damp in your home.


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