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Terry Hudson
10 Bailey Lane
England UK

About First Solution Online

First Solution. Extremely competitive prices and excellent service. A small sample of the products we supply follows:

Full range includes:
  • Step-to-Safety Anti-Slip Products. Includes anti-slip treads, nosings, flat plate, decking strips, tape, cleats and coatings. To improve safety for schools, local authority, industry and commercial premises.

  • Step-to-Safety Anti-Slip Fibreglass Gratings. Primarily used in manufacturing areas for platforms, walkways, etc.

  • Floor Coatings & Repair Materials. Includes two pack epoxies, ESD (anti-static) coatings, peelable spray booth coatings, single pack coatings, patch repair products and specialist primers.

  • Line Marking Products. Includes tape, aerosols and line marking coatings. Tapes include FS Pemastripe, the most durable line marking tape on the market – ideal for distribution warehouses, etc.

  • Inter-Lock interlocking pvc floor tiles. Open joint tiles are ideal for heavy duty areas, including where forklifts are in very regular use. Hidden joint tiles are ideal for offices and corridors and general ‘walk on’ areas.

  • Wall Coatings. Specialist coatings for interior and exterior walls. These include peelable coatings for spray booths, hygienic coatings, coatings for damp and cold walls, waterproofing coatings and anti-graffiti coatings.

  • Metal Coatings. Products for anything from small maintenance jobs to major projects in the most difficult conditions. Specialist coatings for Plastisol metal cladding used in many industrial buildings.

  • Rust-Oleum Mathys Range
    • 1-2-3 Maintenance range. These are everyday maintenance products and include Hard Hat aerosols, CombiColor metal coatings and primers, and EpoxyShield floor coatings and repair products.
    • Metal Coatings and Primers. For a huge variety of projects, including some for the most demanding situations.
    • Floor Protection. This includes single pack and two pack coatings, cementitious repair products, epoxy repair products and preparation products.
    • Roof Protection. Specialist coatings for flat roofs, metal roofs and tiled roofs, plus repair materials.
    • Exterior Walls. Includes waterproofing coatings, coatings for metal cladding and the Pegagraff and GraffitiShield ranges of anti-graffiti coatings and cleaners.
    • Hygiene. Wall and floor coatings for hospitals, food preparation, cold rooms, etc.
    • Cleaners. Preparation products for use prior to application of floor and wall coatings and screeds.


Products & Services

Domed Head Bolts

G Panel to Panel Joining Clamp

Standard M Clip for Fibreglass Gratings

Anti-Slip Tape Primer for porous surfaces

Edge Fix for tapes externally or internally

Fixings for GRP Products

External Adhesive for Anti-Slip Products

Rust-Oleum Hard Hat Anti-Slip Spray

Solid Top Moulded Fibreglass Gratings - 42

Solid Top Moulded Fibreglass Gratings - 29

Fibreglass Open Mesh Grating - Ramp Edge

Fibreglass Stair Tread Grating

Fibreglass Open Mesh Grating - Mini Mesh 30mm

Anti-Slip Mini Mesh Fibreglass Grating - 22mm

Anti-Slip Mini Mesh – Fine Grit (Bare Feet) - Fibreglass Grating

Fibreglass Open Mesh Grating - Screen Guard

Fibreglass (GRP) Open Mesh Grating - Heavy Duty

Fibreglass (GRP) Open Mesh Grating - Light Duty

Anti-Slip Cleats

Corduroy Tactile Paving Hazard Alerts

Blister Tactile Paving Hazard Alerts

Anti-Slip Infill Strips

Anglo Slip-Resistant Floor Paint

Anti-Slip Epoxy Floor Sealer

Epoxy Floor Coating Anti-Slip Fast Cure

Glow in the Dark Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-Slip Water Safe Tape

Anti-slip Tape Coarse Grade

Anti-Slip Tape Standard Grade

Anti-Slip Tape, Conformable

Anti-Slip Landing Covers

Luminous Anti-Slip Nosings

Anti-Slip Step & Stair Nosings 55mm x 55mm

Anti-Slip Flat Plate

Conformable Anti-Slip Cleats

Fibreglass/GRP Open Mesh Grating - Standard Duty

Rust-Oleum 7100NS Anti-Slip Floor Paint

Anti-Slip Epoxy Coating Floor Paint

Bolt Down Anti-Slip Plate

Timber-Grip Convex Strip | Step to Safety

Anti-Slip Nosings 70 x 55mm

Anti-Slip Step Covers

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First Solution Online
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