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Stephen O Connor
Unit 16 Westside Business Park
Old Kilmeadin Road

About Like Stone UK

Likestone Ireland are distributors of natural, manufactured, Brick and rendered stone cladding systems. LikeStone offer a number of stone cladding products including: Cluster Stone - a manufactured stone panel; Brick Tile - a manufactured tile; Stone Clad - a natural stone panel and Flex-c-ment - a rendered cladding overlay system.

LikeStone have been supplying and fitting stone cladding products in Ireland since 2005 and are one of the leaders in the industry. Our product range is suitable for interior and exterior application. We work closely with our customer to ensure quality and satisfaction no matter how big or small the job.

Brick Tiles
Brick slip tiles are a manufactured tile made from natural materials and pigments. The length and width of the brick are the same size as your average brick, but are only 10 to 15mm in depth, making it possible for most interior brick and exterior brick applications. The texture of the Brick Slip is a replica of natural brick.

Brick Slips
Brick slip is a natural brick cut in a slip. In the production phase the Brick Slip is subjected to a specific ageing process, and with the uniqueness of our formula, allow us to achieve vintage results, indistinguishable from the reclaimed brick. Not just a brick Slip made in the old fashioned way (genuine hand made or soft mud made) but a Brick Slip worked and mixed with quality and reliability

The facing Rustic Selmo Flat brick is an architectural element with great value, suitable for the restoration of ancient building or for the decoration of contemporary architectural works

Cluster Stone
Clusterstone cladding comes in two types of stone designs - Vineyard stone and ledgestone. Both designs come in the form of a panel, consisting of a number of stones combined together to form a "cluster". So instead of installing one stone at a time, you can now install a cluster of stones all at once. Both products are made from volcanic rock, polymer, cement, sand, pigments and additives etc.

Craft Stone
Craft stone is a manufactured stone cladding that captures the appeal and essence of natural stone. Craftstone brings the beauty and appeal of stone into any design or buildings which cannot be matched or achieved by any other building materials.

Stone Clad
Stone clad is a natural stone design, consisting of a number of stones bonded together creating a uniform panel. When the panels are put together the joints are hidden creating a natural looking stacked stone wall.

Corner Pieces
When looking at natural stone wall you can see the face and the side of the stones at the corners. This is the effect that is created when using our corner pieces. The stone cladding is thin but when installed you do not see the depth, giving the impression of natural stone or Brick. Suitable for window reveals, heads and corners.

Adhesive & Mortar
The quantity of Adhesive or Mortar required for your project will depend on the stone or brick you are using. Please check the table in the Adhesive and Mortar page, to see what the coverage is for the product you are purchasing.


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