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00353 1 4011711
Derek Doyle
Unit M2c Greenogue Business Park
Greenogue Business Park
Co Dublin

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Research studies have discovered that 80% of dirt introduced into a building is transported on the shoes of people walking into it. Particles swept in by shoes have a very abrasive capacity and they cause severe wear and tear on floors. First impressions are vitally important in business.

A clean, dry and safe floor creates a good first impression. By installing a Basmat click system doormat your floors will be cleaner, you will use less harsh abrasive chemical detergents prolonging the life of your floor and reducing the consumption of aggressive and pollutant products.

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Basmat is an entrance doormat composed of aluminium profiles with a carpet, brushes or antislip insert. It's possible to choose from several Basmat models with various thicknesses. In the doormats with flexible textile finishing the fluted aluminium scrapes and cleans the dirt transported by shoes and simultaneously the carpet dries and retains the dirt.

In the doormats with antislip finishing the action of the aluminium is complemented by the irregularities on the surface of the coextrusioned plastic. In the doormats with brush finishing the shoes are cleaned by the action of the bristles.

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Basmat can be installed anywhere from houses to public buildings, offices, hotels, restaurants, industrial facilities, banks or shops. It is suitable for heavy traffic and the harshest conditions, even outdoors.

Basmat is very comfortable and silent, it is designed to avoid problems with heels and is suitable for wheeled traffic such as wheelchairs, baby prams and pushchairs. Maintenance and cleaning is very easy by using a vacuum cleaner, no lifting required. A personalised logo strip is also available for the Hermes and Atenea models on request.

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For surface installations and laminated floors.
The Atenea model is composed of aluminium profiles with a carpet, rubber or brush insert. It is only 9mm thick so it is the perfect choice for surface installations (accessories are available to frame, it can also be recessed. Atenea is suitable for places where it is not possible to install higher doormats. Atenea is also ideal for replacing old doormats of a similar height, like rubber or natural fibre mats. Its unique height allows Basmat to be recessed into a laminated floor without building work. The dirt is trapped between the aluminium gaps. The profile width is 34mm and to complete a metre 29 profiles are needed.

The Hermes model
The Hermes model is composed of aluminium profiles with carpet, rubber or brush inserts. Its height is 17mm, suitable for the standard size of doormat wells. Hermes is the perfect solution for new construction and refurbishments especially if recessed into the flooring. The dirt is trapped between the aluminium gaps. The profile width is 34mm and to complete a metre 29 profiles are needed.

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