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Richard Barratt
Redbrook Lane
Levels Industrial Estate
WS15 1QU
England UK

About Axis Glass

Optimise your work and living space using our fixed size GLASS PARTITIONING. We hold 20 stock sizes of 10mm Toughened Glass Partitioning for immediate dispatch but we can also manufacture Toughened Glass Made to Measure to any size required. Any work or living space can be easily partitioned using our system of fixed size toughened glass partitions and Toughened Glass U-Channel fittings.

To create a glass partition you simply fix the glass partition U-Channel to the walls, floor and ceiling around the perimeter of the glass partition wall you want to create and then slide the toughened glass partitions into the glass partition U-Channel. The toughened glass partitions are held in the glass partition U-Channel using a push-in glass partition rubber gasket. Full height toughened glass doors are all available to match each glass partition height we stock. Each Full Height Frameless Toughened Glass Door we supply is provided with with a Glass Door Floor Mounted Floor Spring, a Guardsman Glass Door Handle, Glass Door Patch Fittings and also optional Glass Door Patch Lock or Glass Door Clamp Lock.

10mm Toughened GLASS PARTITIONS are also ideal for use as Wetroom Shower Screens. We stock a number of frameless wetroom shower screens along with toughened glass shower screen wall brackets, toughened glass shower screen hinges and shower screen support bar.


Fire Resistance Information
Fire resistance can be measured in terms of either integrity and insulation or integrity only. Protection levels are measured in defined periods (30, 60, 90, 120 or 180 minutes. Fire resistant or heat resistant glass must always be specified as part of a tested and approved glazing system, rather than just the glass itself, it is all the components that comprise the fire resistant barrier that must be specified and installed by specialists.

Fire Glass is composed of float glass and intumescent interlayers. It may also have a wire mesh interlayer to give it enhanced strength and integrity at high temperatures.

Standard Toughened Glass is made from annealed glass which has been heat treated to enhance the structural properties of the glass to improve impact resistance. Standard Toughened Glass, made to BS 6206, has not been tested for heat or fire resistance or made for this purpose and is not provided as part of a glazing system that is suitable for installation where fire or heat protection is important. Toughened glass is up to 500% stronger than standard annealed glass, and therefore is more resistant to thermal breakage and can withstand greater windloads and impacts. It can be used within a temperature range of minus 70°C to plus 250°C.


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