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Nms Acoustics

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Simon Longo
85 Great Portland street
Maitland Park Villas
England Uk

About Nms Acoustics

Sound Engineers, Vibration and Noise consultants, London.

We specialise in building acoustics, environmental noise assessments, London and UK nationwide. Noise Measurements and Solutions is a family practice to offer a tailor made consulting and assessment service for small private and large corporate clients.

NMS specialises in environmental noise impact assessments EA BS4142 and PPG 24, noise nuisance investigations and the design of remedial work. We can study and develop the right solution to clear noise abatement notices and mitigate domestic noise disturbances.

We have 20+ years of experience in Environmental Assessments, entertainment noise, planning applications, nuisance investigations and the provision of building reg, Doc E Pre-completion tests.


Building Acoustics
It concerns acoustics in the built environment. It therefore lies within the domain of the architect, builder and engineer. It is also a topic for scientists and engineers concerned with research and development for acoustic enhancement and noise control in buildings.

We produce comprehensive survey reports with detailed specifications for sound insulation S.I. tests in buildings according to BS ISO 717 and BS ISO 104 standards. We are under European Union regulations certified as competent acoustic engineers to carry out field measurments and to produce acoustic asessments and calculations.

Environmental Noise
We can provide: Environmental Noise assessments based on PPG24 and BS ISO 4142, noise Mitigation studies and the design of soundscapes for the urban environment. Environmental Noise studies concern mainly with Noise Pollution from man made industrial or leisure activities.

Noise Pollution is displeasing, human, animal, or machine-created sound that disrupts the activity or balance of human and animal life is well documented, but current research is on going and subject to constant refinement. Guidelines on maximum acceptable noise levels have been recently elaborated and published by the World Health Organization WHO.

We are actively involved in positive soundscape research which is the forefront of the current approach to environmental noise studies within the urban and the natural environment.

Noise at Work
Occupational noise exposure can affect a worker's health and safety, from permanent damage of the hearing apparatus noise can impair communication, productivity, increase stress and cause irritability.

Factors in noise damage
  • Intensity: (loudness or level) results from the sound pressure of vibrations. The sound pressure is measured in A-weighted decibels (dBA). A-weighting adjusts for the human ear's varying sensitivity to different frequencies.

  • Frequency: The human ear can hear frequencies between 16 Hertz (Hz) and 20,000 Hz. Speech frequencies are 250-4000 Hz.

  • Duration: Longer exposure increases the damage.

  • Nature: Noise can be stable, fluctuating or intermittent. Impulsive noise (such as hammering) is particularly harmful.
Noise assessment and mitigation requires expert advice and specialist instrumentation for capturing and analysing the levels and frequency spectrum of the noise under investigation.

We can assist our clients with calibrated instrumentation compliant to international and British Standards, our expertise in dealing with noise matters and experience. We can produce noise maps for the work space and carry out continuous monitoring if necessary.

Sound Reinforcement
We are aware of the importance of sound quality and the mantainment of optimum sound level for the success of the leisure and entertainment business. For many years we have been successfully involved in the leisure and entertainment business to provide optimal sustainable solution which reflected in continuous business growth for our clients.

We offer:
  • Level calibration and installation of SPL limiters.
  • Public address sound system design.
  • Noise control for concert and live music events.
  • Specialised desing for noise mitigation projects including walls, ceilings, air ventilation systems.
  • Electro-acoustic modification of the noise spectrum sound source to obtain maximum sound quality at the minimum adverse impact on the surrounding environment and/or mitigating an existing problem.
Soundscape amelioration and Noise masking
The purpose of our service is to ameliorate the quality of the habitable living spaces both indoor and outdoor by introducing new sounds in the designated environment with the purpose of correcting the existing sound climate. Sound climate or sound-scape can be ameliorated by introducing more palatable sounds by electro-acoustical means, and with natural sources of noise such as for instance falling water.

Reviews & Testimonials for Nms Acoustics

5 star review
May 03, 2022
I am a Quantity Surveyor that has been using NMS Acoustics over a 8 year period whilst moving through 3 different companies and have used NMS Acoustics on all my projects throughout my time at each company. Always a fast reliable service, I always receive competitive quotations for my clients and when I need specalist Acoustic advice I refer my queries to Simon Longo and always get advice that has helped my clients obtain the relevant approvals required. I would recommend NMS Acoustics in a heartbeat.
Review by
Samir Hawes
Nms Acoustics. 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.


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