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Echo Barrier Limited

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118a Newmarket Road
Woodhall Business Park
IP33 3TG

About Echo Barrier Limited

We aim to reinforce our position as market leaders in noise reduction innovation through our continued pioneering work with noise reduction technology, while constantly evolving to maintain our commitment to meeting and exceeding current best practice in an ever changing market.

Our core strategy and corporate success is based around two key elements:

Design and technology innovation
Our product designs are based on over 30 years of practical experience in the field of environmental noise control, coupled with an intimate knowledge of acoustic materials. We are constantly at the leading edge of technological development to ensure we deliver the best solutions.

Provision of unparalleled technical support
Our unparalleled acoustic expertise available world-wide allows us to provide the detailed technical support you need to find the optimum solution to your environmental noise problems.

Product Range
Echo Barrier offers high tech, market leading solutions for controlling excessive noise.

Echo Barrier systems make noise management simple, fast and highly effective. With many applications including road, rail, construction and demolition, our noise reduction systems are equally applicable to many other occasions where noise control is important such as music and sporting events.

  • Echo H2
  • Echo H3 – Coming Soon
  • TB1 Cross Damper
  • H2O Acoustic Enclosure
  • Accessories
Our innovative design features not only provide exceptional acoustic performance but have been developed for easy storage, transportation and fitting, and manufactured to meet the rigours of today’s demanding work environment.

The commercial benefits of noise reduction are enormous, including extending site operating hours (and so reducing operational costs), minimising noise complaints, enhancing company reputation and providing for an improved working environment.

Echo Barrier employs world-leading acoustic engineers who are constantly researching and developing our products to ensure we remain global market leaders in our sector.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with accurate and realistic information about the performance of our sound absorbing barriers. To help, the following provides some background information on the performance of acoustic barriers so you can make well-informed decisions on what solutions are best to meet your needs.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any aspect of your own specific requirements.


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