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Mr Byron Robson
15 highbridge close
CF64 5SD

About Robson Consultants

Founded by Byron Robson who has over 25 years experience assisting sub contractors and contractors to obtain proper payment on time.

Services include:
  • Interim Valuations
  • Variation account and final account (claims)
  • Extension of time (claims)
  • Dispute resolution
  • Expert witness services
  • Party wall surveys
Our extensive knowledge of all major forms of contract enables us to offer quick and practical advice to our diverse range of clients. At the same time, we retain the personal touch that many larger firms cannot provide. An initial meeting is without obligation or cost.

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Our Services
We offer a wide range of services to large and small contractors to ensure you receive full and proper payment on time for the work you have carried out.

On jobs completed we can prepare and submit and negotiate final account settlements.

If negotiations are not successful we can guide you through a full range of dispute resolution process.

Fees are entirely flexible and suit circumstances and budget including "no win-no fee".

Interim valuations
  • Examine contract to clarify payment terms
  • Visit site to establish extent of works completed and liaise with site staff
  • Review instructions issued / needed
  • Draft and submit application for payments
  • Advise, if needed , of amounts due to sub-contractors / suppliers
  • Contact payer to agree amount and date of payment

Variation and Final account
  • Preferably as part of the interim valuation process but offered as a stand-alone service on completed / nearly completed projects
  • Review instructions issued and/or changes and advise on all commercial issues
  • Receive all relevant documentation, meet site staff/management, prepare and submit final account with supporting documents and calculations
  • Exchanges with paying party to respond to queries
  • Assist with negotiating settlement

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Extension of time
  • These services are best carried out/monitored in conjunction with interim valuations but services are offered on a stand alone basis
  • Receieve and examine documentation
  • Interview site staff or management
  • Draft and submit claim document
  • Exchanges with paying party to respond to queries
  • Assist with negotiating settlement

Dispute resolution
  • Always a last resort but if payment cannot be obtained then formal disoute proceedings are sometimes the only way to resolve matters.
  • Initial review of contract and all relevant documentation
  • Advice of prospect of success
  • Meet side staff and management
  • Take conduct of Adjudication or Arbitration
  • Assist with or instruct legal team in litigation
  • Assist with or prepare submissions
  • Provide on going support throughout the process

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Expert witness reports
  • Provision of expert advice before or during formal dispute proceedings
  • Liase with legal team at all stages of the dispute process
  • Provide expert evidence where required

Party wall surveys
  • For those engaged in the development process or design and build party wall survey is now an essential part of the pre - contract investigations
  • Receive and review all relevant documents
  • Carry out site survey
  • Meeting interested parties
  • Prepare and issue award
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