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Jonathan Brown
Pyramid Park
5 Penner Road

About Fire Fabrics Direct

Fire Fabrics Direct is the online trading name of Technical Textiles & Coatings Limited.
Technical Textiles & Coatings Limited was founded in January 2010 based on 25 years' experience within the fire and smoke containment industry. The main business objective is to design, create and manufacture fabrics and their respective coatings that are principally and potentially suited for use in the fire and smoke control industry.

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All products designed and created by Technical Textiles & Coatings Limited are required to meet specific existing and new UK, European and worldwide safety and fire standards.

Fire Resistant fabrics are now being used more and more in many different applications and National, European and International Standards and Regulations are becoming more and more comprehensive and inevitably complex as these new applications are covered.

It is essential that any product involved in these areas are fully tested and remain unchanged from and are the same as the original fabric tested. Fabrics from different manufacturers will not be the same and fabrics from different wholesalers will not be the same either. Fire Fabrics Direct fabrics, the fabric supply division of Technical Textiles & Coatings Limited, have no such problems. Fire Fabrics Direct provides genuine generic testing on all its fabrics.

Fire Fabrics Direct aims to make the purchase of these fabrics and associated products, easier, quicker and more straightforward. Our pricing is very competitive and the standard of our high quality fabrics is unbeatable.

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At Fire Fabrics Direct we have a wealth of regulatory and product testing experience in order to assist you.
Our range of Fire and Smoke protection fabrics are exclusively woven and coated in the UK for Technical Textiles & Coatings Limited and are only available on-line through Fire Fabrics Direct.

The base fabrics are sourced to our specific requirements and the smoke and fire coatings applied to the base fabric are unique to Technical Textiles & Coatings Limited and have been designed to suit different environments and situations to contain fire and smoke.

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Fire Fabrics Direct sells fabrics which are supported by generic testing. Our products can be used on such a wide range of applications and uses that it would be almost impossible to provide unique product testing for each fabric. It is therefore imperative that customers carry out appropriate testing for their end applications.

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Other Products
Fire Fabrics Direct also offers a unique micro louvre screening fabric, woven out of highly durable bronze alloy which has a wide range of applications for sun control, light control, insect screening, privacy screening, ventilation and many more.

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