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08455 201 024
Dean France
Unit 4 Brindley Business Park
Chaseside Drive
WS11 7GD

About PDC Mezzanine Flooring

Maximise the potential of your office building or industrial workplace with a mezzanine floor from PDC and make the most of the unused space - you could potentially double your existing floor space.

Mezzanine flooring is the most cost effective solution to realising your building's potential, and can be designed to support normal office traffic, or heavy machinery for industrial use. PDC Consultancy has worked with many of the UK's largest chains for many years, including Argos, Currys, Homebase and more, tailoring mezzanine floors to each specific need as required to extend their retail selling area or increase capacity for stock.

A mezzanine floor can give your business extra space without needing to find extra rent, heating costs or rates, and of course, you won't have the upheaval of relocation either. Mezzanine floors come with a choice of decking too, from a heavy duty particle board to plate steel or open steel grating, we can even install multi-tiered mezzanine flooring dependent on your needs, and will of course be compliant with current building regulations.

With each new level of mezzanine floor your business grows, and at PDC we can complement your mezzanine flooring with any electrics, plumbing, heating and air conditioning you need, providing a complete design and installation package from start to finish.

Mezzanine Floors
  • Storage & Office
    With space at a premium, a mezzanine floor is the most cost effective solution for increasing storage capacity, freeing up valuable production space and raising or extending existing office areas.

  • Retail
    PDC Consultancy has worked with most of Britain's top retail chains for a number of years, offering either extended storage space or increased retail selling area.

  • Accessories
    PDC Consultancy offers a wide range of accessory options to go with any application of mezzanine floor, from industrial to high quality finishes such as powder coated and stainless steel.

  • Office Partitions
    PDC Consultancy can offer a number of solutions to your office environment, be it practical or high quality. When choosing what system and style you require there are a number of questions that you need to consider: look, fire rating and sound requirement.

  • Steel Partitions
    An alternative finish to plasterboard, where a more robust system is required. Works office, clean rooms and storage areas are the ideal application for this product. A number of finishes can be applied to this system such as glazing, mesh, fire protection and sound rating.

  • Self Storage
    Storage units come in any size required, with a number of different door types to choose from single doors, double doors and roller doors. Predominately white fronted panels with coloured doors, door colour can be to your choice to match company colours.

  • Office Furniture
    To go with every office environment the right furniture is required, we offer many different types of furniture systems from budget range to high quality stylish. A wide range of accessories for every desk including chairs, storage and many more.

Shelving and Racking
  • Shelving
    With a wide range of shelving systems available from heavy duty wide span to light weight office applications. Timber or steel shelf options are available, small part storage is a good example of the versatility of this product.

  • Pallet Racking
    The best option for large bulky palletised goods. Pallet racking can be used to maximise valuable height in warehouses that many other products cannot. When space is at a premium pallet racking's flexibility with its adjustable shelf levels and weight options allows you confidence of storing any product.

  • Cantilever Racking
    Our in house designed and manufactured system is extremely versatile, with a number of applications from long heavy items to coil storage and many more.


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