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Paul Bradley
United Kingdom

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Specialists in Brick Sealers, Roof Waterproofing and Driveway & Patio Sealers.

For over 20 years, Guard Industry has specialised in the research, development and production of products to protect, decorate, clean, maintain and preserve all sorts of building materials.

Guard Industry supplies a large range of top up products suited for various materials such as concrete, stone, brick, wood, and provides ideal solutions for many materials that are exposed to water penetration, staining and graffiti.

Constant investment in research and development has enabled Guard Industry to market a range of innovative products matching the demanding needs of the industry whilst respecting human and environmental safety. A consequence of these constant efforts is that Guard Industry has become a benchmark in building protection products, across the world.

The range of water and oil repellent products offers protection to building materials. This surface application has many characteristics and advantages: water repellent, oil repellent, graffiti resistant, efflorescence and carbonations protection, chewing-gum and moss protection with application on: fa├žade, ground and floor, wall, roof, heritage, concrete, marble, granite, natural stone, limestone, tiles. These products are biodegradable and silicon-free and offer a stain protection.

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The decoration products colour and protect the building materials: water and oil repellent coloured concrete stain, water & oil repellent with shining finish or flat finish.

The eco products range of building material treatments provides innovative solutions for all kind of substrates: slip resistance / anti slip, moss killer, mineralising.

The graffiti cleaner range allows cleaning of graffiti on all substrates.

The range of ecological cleaners and strippers, stain removers and grease removers etc. allows cleaning and maintenance perfectly designed for all kind of substrates: Stone care, rust stains cleaner, scale and calcium deposits remover, cement and plaster residues cleaner, grease remover, painting stripper, pollution cleaner.

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Are you a purchaser or agent for a building materials distributor? Would you like to develop your range of products? With Guard Industry product range, provide your customers with innovative solutions to protect, clean and maintain building materials.
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