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Unit-B2 Percliff Way
Off Phillips Rd, Blackburn

About Astute Lighting

Astute Lighting was formed in June 2012 with over 25 years of experience in the electrical field. Adam, the managing director of Astute Lighting has been a qualified NICEIC contractor (the independent voluntary body for all electrical installation matters throughout the UK) for over 15 years. Prior to the formation of Astute Lighting, Adams Electrical completed major contractual electrical work for various showrooms, schools and head offices. With our vast experience in light fittings we have completed contracted work comprising of up to 2000 spotlights fitted at any one place on several occasions.

Astute Lighting ImageLED Bulbs
With a wide range of LED Bulbs available for all the most popular fixtures and fittings; Astute Lighting has got you covered for when you bulbs burn out. The common screw cap and bayonet fittings are represented by a number of different styles and models. All of our LED Light Bulbs are eco-friendly, saving you money and helping contribute towards the health of the planet. Astute Lighting’s quick delivery service guarantees that you won’t be left in the dark for very long.

Astute Lighting ImageGU10 Led Bulbs
GU10 LED Bulbs are high powered mains bulbs. The base incorporates a ‘twist and lock’ mechanism to slide into the fitting. GU10 LED Bulbs are most commonly used for LED Spotlight fittings.

Astute Lighting ImageLED Spotlights
Eschewing the more traditional look, LED Spotlights are effortlessly modern and chic. Offering a better light cover and less glare than the traditional hanging light bulb; the popularity of spotlights has never been higher and it continues to grow. Suited to any modern room and property, private or commercial; the LED Spotlight is incredibly versatile. Many modern homes are now built with Spotlights built in the stead of more traditional light fittings. Unobtrusively taking up less space and offering maximum light; the LED Spotlight is far more practical than its ageing predecessor. All of our LED Bulbs are eco-friendly so you will save money on your electricity bills and help the health of the planet.

Astute Lighting ImageLED Flood Lights
Create a blanket of light and colour in a room or in the garden with the use of LED Flood Lights. The stand-alone lights are very versatile and can be used in a variety of different places. Create a soft shimmer on Christmas day by moving the LED Flood Lights amongst the festive focal point. Alternatively use the Flood Lights outside to light the garden without glare so the party on a balmy summer’s evening can continue well into the night. Perfect for professional as well as personal use; mobile entertainers can use the LED Flood Lights to accompany the act. Incredibly space effective and easy to move, the LED Flood Lights can brilliantly benefit mobile DJs, dance instructors and sales people. With a number of different lights and filters, LED Flood Lights can create any impression you desire.

Astute Lighting ImageLED Downlights
With the ability to turn, twist and rotate; LED Downlights can shine light into any corner of even the largest room. The versatility of these impressive light fittings has led to their popularity growing exponentially in commercial and private buildings over the last decade. With the more traditional light fittings now seeming completely out-dated and redundant; Downlights truly demonstrate how progressive decoration can benefit the functionality of your property. Light coloured rooms especially benefit from the installation of Downlights; a single well positioned Downlight can use the reflective qualities of light décor to shine over the whole room.

Astute Lighting ImageLED Crystal Down Lights
Containing small cuts of crystal that have been perfectly shaped to create a unique lighting sensation; LED Crystal Down Lights add effortless elegance to any room. Each cut of crystal has been meticulously planned and painstakingly forged to impart a unique atmosphere. Set high as a focal point for the room, an LED Crystal Down Light is perfect for any room in which you plan to entertain guests and loved ones. Equally at home in the dining room or living room of a home; the Crystal Down Light creates a unique, shimmering effect.

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