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Tony Ryan
IDA Industrial Estate
Kilmallock Road
P56 T275

About Glanaco Limited

Glanaco Site Cleaning Solutions
Here at Glanaco, we manufacture modular wheel wash systems and road sweeping attachments that make it easier and more affordable to clean and decontaminate access roads and open areas. Our aim is to offer a range of solutions to make it easier and more affordable to clean and sweep, while meeting environmental & health & safety requirements and satisfy planning conditions.

Wheel wash hire & road sweeper hire available nationwide.

At Glanaco, we pride ourselves on building some of the best wheel cleaning systems in the world. The SiteWash range has evolved to be a market leader in Ireland today, by us simply listening to the customers needs, evaluating site resources and providing the right model and solution to their cleaning problems. The old saying; prevention is better than cure, is very applicable to many construction sites.

If a wheel washing system is designed for purpose, and installed correctly, it dramatically reduces debris being brought onto the public road, and is much more cost effective than truck sweeper hire. It also satisfies planning requirements, environmental legislation, council rules, and provides an all-round good image and effort, to your neighbours and local community.
  • 2 metre sitewash
  • 4 metre sitewash
  • 6 metre sitewash
  • Sitewash Bath
  • Modular
Sitewash Bath
The SiteWash bath is the latest in the SiteWash range, catering for sites that have no access to power or water.

Built in shot blast steel, the SiteWash Bath is 3.4 meters wide and 11 meters long. This gives 4 wheel revolutions, with sectioned rumble strips that remove mud from the wheels of trucks as they pass through.

Effective Cleaning
There is also the option on entry and exit ramps for surface mounted models, allowing for greater cleaning on the approach and exit. Alternatively, you can inset into the ground, allowing the trucks to pass freely.

SiteWash bath is designed for most trucks, but please check with us on wheel dimensions and lengths prior to use.

Bath Features
The SiteWash Bath comes with various features.
  • Grids – Heavy duty steel grids inserted into the bath water help spread threads of tyres to looses debris
  • Build Supports – Strong impact supports at both side of bath
  • Transport Supports – Allows for easy crane lifts without distorting the body shape for longer lift
  • Entry Ramps – Entry and Exit ramps for surface mounted units
Sweeper Attachments
The New GS240 sweeper is manufactured in Ireland for construction and rental companies, who need a purpose built, heavy duty sweeper attachment, that is on site and available all the time. It is designed to sweep mud and construction debris that is taken onto public roads or access roads. It is simple to use, and very effective.

Hydraulic Open & Close
The GS240 is designed with the operator in mind. Hydraulic opening and closing make it easy to empty debris quickly and efficiently. The new hydraulic tech pack comes as standard and is designed so the broom can only sweep in the correct direction and has a built in flow restrictor to allow the optimum amount of oil to power the motor.

Vacuum Sweepers
With 25 years experience in the sweeping industry, Glanaco have a range of equipment to solve most sweeping problems. From walk behind to ride on, attachment to suction, we have a solution for you.

Investing in a sweeper helps you regain man hours currently being lost to sweeping by hand. Choosing the right sweeper for your application is vital, so it is wise to talk to the experts and get the best advice on which machine would be best for you. Here in Glanaco, we have the a complete range and can help you choose what is right for you, and provide demonstrations and trials of such equipment before you invest.

Complete Range Walk Behind & Ride On
We have 5 models in the GS vacuum sweeper range, 780mm and 1000mm widths in the walk behind, and 1100mm, 1300mm and 1900mm in the ride on versions. All machines are available in petrol or battery versions, and the larger ride on in diesel versions. All sweepers have a choice of single or duel side brooms and all come with vacuum suction as standard.

Demonstrations & Trials
We always provide demonstrations or trials of any machine prior to purchase. This allows us to be sure the best machine for your application has been chosen for you, and allows ample time for training and induction of operators. On trials we leave the machine with you for a few days, so the operator can get to comfortable in operating the machine, and we can answer any questions that may arise out of using it, all before purchase.


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