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Hague Fasteners

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Mike Field

About Hague Fasteners

Special Fasteners-Bolts-Studs-Socket Screws-Bent Bolts-Nuts-Washers-Milled Components-Plugs-Pins
Hague Fasteners Limited (formerly The Ralin Group Ltd) is a privately owned company that was incorporated in its earliest form in 1971. We manufacture and stock all types of custom fasteners in many different and difficult types of material from U Bolts to Socket Screws.

We specialise in Custom Made Bolting, Hex Bolts, Socket Screws, Studbolts, Hex Nuts & U Bolts and the more difficult to obtain fasteners, i.e. the items not available from general fastener stockists.

  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical
  • Civil Engineering
  • Power Generation
  • Fastener Distributors
  • Mining
  • Shipbuilding
  • Defence

Hague Fasteners supply the items above and beyond a stockist's standard range both in size & material and can manufacture any items that you can't buy off the shelf. There is no need to look further, as we can take care of all your fastener needs with our high quality U Bolts, Socket Screws and Hex Bolts.

  • Small Quantities
    From a Single, 1 off Prototype, through 25s, 50s, 100s

  • Any Item
    Our drawing office can work from your sketches or descriptions

  • Any Material
    We stock High Temperature, Stainless, and Nickel Alloy Bar.

  • Any Delivery

Custom Fasteners
Hague Fasteners has the knowledge and experience to quote and supply to your specific requirements, including custom items or unique applications, whilst also catering for smaller quantities from 1 to 200 off!

Specialising in the unusual items, those not readily available from general fastener stockists, Hague Stock items above and beyond standard ranges in terms of both size and material. What we don't stock we can manufacture.

Special Materials
Hague Fasteners' stocks consist of all grades of commercial steel types such as Mild Steels, Stainless Steels, Non Ferrous and Carbon Alloy Steel Grades, also through exotic and rare types such as Heat Resisting Grades, Nickel Based Alloys and Critically Designed Alloys.

Reviews & Testimonials for Hague Fasteners

5 star review
August 14, 2017
Very happy with service received on my latest order.
Delivery on time as always
Testimonial by
5 star review
May 18, 2016
Very prompt and professional service, will definitely be in touch again for other materials.
Testimonial by
CarlProcess Energy & Offshore
5 star review
May 12, 2016
Our every order was handled professionaly, delivery times were kept, prices were competitive, our requests and inquiries were answered swiftly. A great partner to have…
Testimonial by
AnastasiosValves & Fittings Service - (Southern Europe)
5 star review
April 22, 2016
Jon / Mike and their team had produced some bespoke studs and cap nuts for us from Durehete 1055, Fast, Cheap and to specialized Tolerances, for an emergency shut down. Our luck ran out again when half of the batch were stolen from the back of our transport truck. This was Friday afternoon…… and the cost implications to the station was set to run into the thousands.

I rang Mike, who immediately set to work manufacturing replacements, before i even raised the order!!!, the components all arrived in spec first thing Monday morning, saving our blushes. Can not thank them all enough for their efforts, could not recommend highly enough
Testimonial by
Mark UK Power Station Infrastructure
Hague Fasteners. 5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.



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Products & Services

Fixing Devices

Nults Bolts and Fixings

Bespoke Bolting

Custom Fasteners

Special Fasteners

Socket Shoulder

Socket Countersunk

Socket Capscrews

Low Head Caps

Non Standard Socket Screws

Tab Washers

Spring Washers

Spherical Washers

Round Washers

Milled Components

Hex Nuts

Hex Jam Nuts

Flange Nuts

Dome Nuts

Connector Nuts

Bihex Nuts

Square Nuts

Castle Nuts

Slotted Nuts

Quadlock All Metal Nuts

Nylon Insert Nuts

T Bolts

Swing Bolts

Square Head bolts

Machine Screws

Hook Bolts

Hexagon Screwsets

Hexagon Bolts

Hex Flange bolts

Fitted Bolts

Carriage Bolts

12 point bolts

U Bolts

J Bolts

Foundation Bolts

Eye bolts

Bent Bolts

Tie Bars

Stud Bolts

Engineer Studs

Wheel Studs

Waisted Studs

Titanium Alloys

Stainless Steel


Monel Alloys

Non Ferrous

inconel Alloys

Incoloy Alloys


Duplex Materials

Carbon Steel Materials

Plugs - Din 906,907,908,909,910,7604

Pins BS 1574,1804,5681,5894

Pins - Din 1,7,94,1443,6385,7977,

Precion Ground Fasteners

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Hague Fasteners
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Hague Fasteners
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Hague Fasteners
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Hague Fasteners
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Hague Fasteners
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Hague Fasteners
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Hague Fasteners
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Hague Fasteners
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Hague Fasteners
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Hague Fasteners
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Hague Fasteners
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Hague Fasteners
Newcastle upon Tyne
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Hague Fasteners
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Hague Fasteners Limited
Monmer Close, Willenhall, WV13 1JR
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