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Carpenter & Paterson Limited

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01938 555 306
Mr Alan Bason
Crown Works
Henfaes Lane
SY21 7BE
England UK

About Carpenter & Paterson Limited

Carpenter & Paterson Ltd. are specialists in the design and manufacture of Pipe Suspension Equipment and Fabricated Steelwork.

Our comprehensive service includes the supply of a wide range of standard pipe support components. Facilities exist for the design and supply of special pipe support fabrications and equipment in a wide range of materials and surface finishes to suit the customers specific requirements.

  • Constant Effort Spring Units
  • Variable Spring Support Units
  • Ancillary Equipment (including pipe clamps, beam clips, U Bolts etc.)
  • Hydraulic Shock Arrestors
  • Associated Steelwork Fabrications
  • Cryogenic Pipe Supports
  • High Stiffness Rigid Struts and Clamps
  • Witchliner Isolation Products
  • PTFE Slide Bearings

  • Comprehensive Design of Pipe Support Systems (Including 3D PDS / PDMS facility)
  • Generation of individual support drawings (Autocad R14)
  • Site Surveys and Inspections
  • Piping Systems Stress Analysis

  • 'Witch-Hanger' Graphical Pipe Support Design Program

Carpenter & Paterson Limited ImageCarpenter & Paterson Limited Image

Since 1956 we have been exporting our range of Pipe Supports worldwide through an extensive range of agents and representatives. We have a wide experience of supplying components to plants located in harsh environmental conditions from the South East Asia and the Middle East regions to the extremely cold conditions encountered in parts of Russia and the Baltic States.

We have a client base in excess of 5,000 companies, and our products and services have reached most of the countries in the world within the following industries.
  • Power Generation
  • Nuclear
  • Petrochemical Process
  • Plant
  • Oil and Gas
  • Steel
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