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10 Clifton View East Mains Industrial Estate
West Lothian
EH52 5NE

About Incognito Heat Co Limited

About Incognito Heat Co
We are underfloor heating experts based in central Scotland, and specialising in sustainable and comfortable heating solutions. Having been in the industry since 2005, we are an established and trusted underfloor heating partner with nationwide capabilities.

We pride ourselves on offering our clients an underfloor heating package that combines their vision with our unmatched expertise, to produce a unique and entirely satisfactory result. We provide full-service design, supply and installation of renewable energy systems and underfloor heating. Over the years, we have successfully undertaken and completed numerous installations in and around Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh. We have done the same in more rural Perthshire, Fife, Northumberland, Newcastle and the Lake District.

Incognito Heat Co. has a team of highly trained underfloor heating installers and underfloor heating technicians. Our installers and technicians are able to answer any underfloor heating queries that you may have prior to and during installation. Our team of professionals will also provide you with excellent after-sales support, giving you complete peace of mind for the future of your system.

Why Choose Underfloor Heating
Well, the reasons pretty much speak for themselves:
    1. You get to enjoy comfortable heat
    2. Design freedom, which means there are no installation restrictions
    3. It is a sustainable solution
    4. You also get to enjoy a healthier environment
    5. Last, but certainly not least, you save money

Screeded Underfloor Heating – Everything You Need to Know
Screeded underfloor heating systems are increasingly becoming a must-have in Scotland. This is because they are super-effective underfloor heating systems. Pipes are clipped or stapled onto an insulation layer, then the screed is laid on top. After installation, the warm pipes gradually heat up the entire screeded slab. This produces an even and consistent heat output.

Their characteristics include:
  • Great savings thanks to the low-cost installation
  • Maximum output (typical heat output: 100 watts/m²)
  • Ideal for irregularly shaped rooms
  • They have a versatile pipe layout plan that can accommodate any space
  • Quick installation

Suspended Floor Systems
We offer a wide range of plated solutions designed specifically for joisted or battened floors. The plated system uses aluminium plates, which span the joists or are fixed from underneath, acting as a support for the pipes as well as a spreading the heat to give an even heat output.

Their characteristics include:
  • Specifically designed for joisted/battened floors
  • You can enjoy a maximum heat transfer (typical heat output: 70 watts/m²)
  • The system is highly conductive, which means even heat diffusion – highly conductive
  • They come with no impact on floor build up
  • Quick response time

Floating Floor Systems
Floating floor systems are made up of pipes that are strategically placed into pre-grooved and foiled insulation boards. These pipes are laid directly onto the floor surface.

Their characteristics include:
  • They can be used in existing floor constructions
  • The panels are manufactured to suit any layout plan
  • Quick installation
  • They are ideal for multiple environments because of their wide range of applications
  • Rapid response time (typical heat output: 80 watts/m²)

Low Profile Floor Systems
Just like the floating floor system, low profile systems follow the same principle. This particular system is becoming quite popular among many property owners in Scotland. This is primarily due to its numerous benefits when used for underfloor heating.

Their characteristics include:
  • Minimal, ultra slim floor build up
  • Ideal for new and refurbishment applications alike
  • The wooden floors can be laid directly over the insulation layer
  • The system can fit over existing floors
  • Rapid response time

Specialist Systems
As a reliable partner in underfloor heating, we have developed some specialist systems that cater for specific requirements for the Scotland market. These include structural floor areas and raised access floor systems.

Their characteristics include:
  • Electrical
  • First floor screed (Rebus™)
  • Raised access

If you have queries or require more information, please contact us.


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