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Unit 2, Old Barn Farm
Rosliston Road, Walton On Tent
DE12 8LR
England UK

About Heaton Products Ltd

Heaton Products is a Key Supplier of Building Products and Non Mechanical Plant to the construction industry.

We are manufacturing our own designed 'Propmate' wall supports which we are selling in large quantities along with our Acro/Acrow props.

We are a distributor for Oxford Plastics who manufactures our Trench Covers, Fibreglass Road Plates, GRP safe cover and Enduramat Ground Protection.

We are now supplying Road Plate Locks from the United States. Please take a look at our road plate locks section as well as our road plate securing collars.

We have increased our stock of road forms and road form pins / stakes so we can satisfy large orders.

From a central location in the Midlands, we offer a nationwide service.
We try to support UK manufacturing wherever possible so the majority of our products are manufactured here in the UK. Our new Trestle Guardrail System is now manufactured in the UK along with our Builders Trestles.

We are innovative and constantly work on developing new products and reducing costs by manufacturing more efficiently without effecting quality. These cost savings are passed on to our customers. Our most recent project is a Non Conductive Road Form Pin which we will sell alongside standard Road Form Stakes.

Heaton Products supply a large range of construction products, specialising in non-mechanical plant and access equipment.

We can develop products and employ fabricators to manufacture as and when required. We find this system works well because our cost base is low which results in reduced prices for quality products. This also ensures we have a better understanding of the products we sell. On this basis we can offer alternatives to standard products on the market and offer excellent customer service.

We will always try to source material and products in the UK where possible.
  • Acrow Props - Acrow Props are a popular form of construction equipment commonly used as a temporary support during building or repair work. Able to be adjusted within a range of heights, the Acrow Prop is a versatile tool that is indispensable to anyone working in the trade.

  • Builders Trestles - Builders trestles are essential for working safely at normally unreachable heights onsite for a huge variety of activities ranging from exterior and interior restoration jobs like painting, and plastering, to window replacement, roofing, and more. When used with suitable scaffold boards, our trestles provide sturdy platforms for easy access and manoeuvrability in a safe environment. We also stock scaffold boards for use with our trestles.

  • Trestle Handrail System - If you are using builder’s trestles when working at height to be compliant with regulations you should provide handrail support in order to prevent falls. Ultimately, this means you need a trestle guardrail system, and the Heaton Products Trestlemate system is designed specifically for this purpose.

  • DIY Scaffold Towers / Accessories - High-quality, galvanised steel DIY scaffold towers manufactured by Heaton Products at our factory in the Midlands. Our steel towers are fabricated to strict safety guidelines in-house, resulting in a product that is strong, hard-wearing and reliable, yet also incredibly affordable to homeowners and DIY enthusiasts alike.

  • Prefabricated Steel Reinforcement - Prefabricated steel reinforcement solutions for trade and domestic projects of any size or scope. We maintain stock of select cage and column dimensions, but specialise in bespoke reinforcement solutions for any type of project.

  • Steel Road Plates - We supply plain steel road plates and steel anti-skid road plates for retro fitting to concrete or tarmac surfaces. We also offer a road plate re-coating service. Our anti-skid road plates are coated with resin and Chinese bauxite within 3 hours of shot blasting.

  • Road Forms - Road forms are a form of shuttering used to temporarily provide a solid edge when pouring concrete. This formwork is vital in creating a clean, professional finish when pouring concrete. Steel road forms come in a range of sizes depending on the depth of concrete to be poured. Road forms are secured in place with stakes, and connected longitudinally.

  • Concrete Reinforcement Accessories
  • Fibreglass Trench Covers / Road Plates
  • Formwork Products
  • Reinforcement Accessories
  • Scaffolding Sales
  • Propmate Wall Supports
  • Construction Chemicals / Waterproofing
  • Plate Locks Road Plate Securing System
  • Underpinning Jacks
  • K Form uPVC Screed Rail System
  • Trench Struts
  • Push Pull Props


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