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01908 512329
Maidstone Road
Milton Keynes
MK10 0BD
South East

About Fronius UK Ltd

Fronius creates new technologies and solutions for monitoring and controlling energy. For battery charging systems, welding technology and solar electronics. While others develop gradually, we innovate in leaps and bounds by shifting the limits of what’s possible.

Start making significant savings for your business immediately by leasing a Solar PV system from Fronius UK on Vimeo.

For over 60 years the name Fronius has stood for intensive research and the constant search for new, innovative solutions. The efficiency of every product has repeatedly been awarded both national and international prizes.

Battery Charging Systems 
For 60 years, Fronius has been carrying out research and development of battery chargers. Many years of experience guarantee maximum reliability in heavy-duty industrial use.
  • Battery charging systems for traction batteries
  • Battery charging systems for starter batteries
  • Intralogistics
  • Workship equipment

Following intensive development work Fronius has written a new chapter in the history of battery charging systems with an innovative new charging process.

The new Ri-charging process based on the the “Active Inverter Technology” enables significant savings to be made in terms of electricity costs. The Selectiva series automatically recognises age, charge level, and other important battery criteria, to provide the precise, correct charge, in order to increase the service life and efficiency of the battery and reduce the amount of maintenance.

In addition, valuable storage space is freed up and the significant reduction in CO2 emissions helps to protect the environment. All in all, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is dramatically reduced. The charging technology is an advance on conventional inverter (HF) technology and is far superior to the old 50 Hz transformer technology.

Welding Technology
Fronius U.K. Ltd provides the UK welding market with solutions for MIG/MAG, TIG, electrode, laser, plasma and resistance spot welding and automation. Its new state of the art facility in Milton Keynes extends over 3,500 square metres and houses the Tech Support team, Repair Center, warehouse and a training area, and epitomises the importance of being able to deliver a first-class service to customers.

Sales and service teams, both at head office and regionally,  ensure that customers are supported as quickly as possible on their own premises. In addition, customers benefit from services such as calibration, a warranty extension and a maintenance contract.

For decades Fronius has made significant contributions to advances in welding technology. The company is still in family ownership and its welding technology division is now one of the world’s technology leaders in the arc welding market segment. It is also the market leader in Europe.

Solar Electronics
Solar energy is converted into electricity and fed into the public grid or used to power consumers in the household/business. Efficient, reliable, high performance inverters form the heart of any PV system. In the development of PV inverters, Fronius has thought out new technologies, searched for innovative solutions, and has found completely new answers. The result: Highly functional grid-connected inverters, which interact optimally with all solar modules. Fronius also manufactures a range of components for professional system monitoring.

Outstanding products and services, such as the IG Plus series of inverters, the IG TL transformerless inverter and the unique Fronius Service Partner programme, make Fronius Solar Electronics the quality leader in the global market.
  • Grid-connected Inverters
  • System Monitoring
  • Unique Fronius Service Partner Network of Installers
  • Energy Management
  • Fronius Energy Cell
  • Fronius Training


Don’t let Rising Energy Prices Eat into your Bottom Line

Protecting your business is easier than you think. Fronius now offers businesses a PV Solar solution with no upfront investment that will save you money from day number one.

It’s not surprising that energy costs are a significant portion of a business’ overheads. This continues to be true despite the development of more efficient technologies as we encounter constant energy price hikes and as more electricity-reliant innovations emerge, such as electric vehicles. There is, however, a way not only to protect yourself from further increases, but to do so with no upfront investment.

Show me how

Specialising in the highly efficient and intelligent conversion and control of energy for over 70 years, Fronius has partnered with some of the UK’s biggest brands to deliver financial savings, carbon reductions and energy independence. Recognising that the upfront cost associated with a Solar PV investment was preventing companies from achieving enormous savings with the technology spurred the creation of a unique leasing system provided by the global inverter manufacturer.

Unlike Power Purchase Agreements, this model allows you to lease the equipment required to generate your own green electricity over a 15 year period, with the option of ownership thereafter (other options available).

Throughout the duration, your monthly payments will be lower than the cost of that same electricity if purchased from your energy supplier at today’s rate*. This enables you to make huge savings from the outset and protects you against increasing energy prices. Additionally, you would be the beneficiary of any available feed-in incentives. Furthermore – there is a production guarantee for the duration of the contract. This means that if the system produces less than guaranteed, you will be reimbursed for the underperformance – a risk-free arrangement for you.

After completing a thorough analysis of the premises and current electricity usage, one of their trusted partners will install the PV system on the roof of your premises to the highest specification.

High quality engineering drives everything that Fronius does, so you can be rest assured you’ll be getting the highest quality products from the very best manufacturers. There are no ongoing maintenance costs, this is all included. You won’t need to worry about maintenance or insurance of the system throughout the duration of the lease. It really is a win-win.

Whatever your business: Computers, printers, forklift charging, machinery, lighting, air conditioning, kettles; the list of energy hungry appliances is exhaustive and all contribute to a company’s running costs which can have a huge impact on profitability. You can quickly and easily boost you business’ bottom line and achieve immediate savings by significantly reducing your electricity costs with solar PV. What’s more, incorporating PV into an environmental management system could be a very positive step for companies pursuing ISO 14001 certification or for those just wanting to be greener.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of photovoltaics for your business because you have investment priorities elsewhere right now. Find out how much you could save by calling 01908 512300 today.
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