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Neil Moring
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About Fibrehand Plastering Supplies

Welcome to Fibrehand Plastering Supplies Online shop - the first choice for anyone involved in the fibrous plaster industry. We offer great materials and affordable prices across a wide range including timber laths, jute scrim (hessian), silicone rubbers, resins, casting plasters and other plastering supplies.

We've decades of experience selling to the fibrous plaster sector and we’re confident we’ve collected the very best plastering supplies to offer them here in one place for delivery direct to you. If you're involved in fibrous plasterwork or create decorative plaster pieces - we have everything you need for a perfect result every time.

We’re committed to providing the best products backed up by unrivalled customer support - and of course, the best value for money too. We’re a family business - dedicated to the fibrous plaster industry and aim to do our part to ensure that everyone involved has access to the best materials and information possible. We also have the full support of our chosen suppliers so any technical issues can be sorted quickly and easily.

We aim to dispatch all orders placed before noon on the same day, subject to stock, ready for delivery to you the next day, and we cover the whole of the UK, delivering where and when you need your plastering supplies. Order now or call us for more information on any of our fibrous plaster products, one of our team will be happy to help.

Specialising In:


Products & Services

Floor Scraper

18" Joint Rule

12" Joint Rule

Wax Carving Set

10" Joint Rule

Trowel & Square Small Tool

Deluxe Splash Brushes

Nylon/Polyester Tool Roll

8" Joint Rule

Picking Tool

Leaf & Square Small Tool

6" Joint Rule

Taping Knives/Scrapers

Canvas Tool Roll

4" Joint Rule

3" Joint Rule 3" Joint Rule


22kg Silicone Rubber Kit


5.5Kg Silicone Rubber Kit


Thixo Agent

Site Bucket

40mm Masonary Nails

Cotton Dust Sheet

42mm Drywall Screws

65mm Drywall Screws

50mm Drywall Screws

Prestia CA120

Herculite Fibrefix

Stripaway Paint Removal System (formally Peelaway)

Galvanised Tie Wire Galvanised Tie Wire

Stainless Steel Tie Wire

Timber Laths 22mm x 5mm - 3metres x 100lengths

18 Inch Jute Scrim

Timber Laths 22mm x 3mm - 8ft/2.4m x 100lengths

Timber Laths 22mm x 3mm - 3metres x 100lengths

36 Inch Jute Scrim

12 Inch Jute Scrim

6 Inch Jute Scrim

3 Inch Jute Scrim (100m roll)

Cotton Scrim

Acid Etch

Chopped Strands

Quadaxial Fabric

Jesmonite 30kg Kit

Jesmonite 150kg Kit

1 Pallet of Formula Keramicast

220kg Silicone Rubber Kit

Siniat Casting Plaster - Full Loads (18 pallets)

1 pallet of Siniat Prestia Creation Plaster

1 Pallet of Siniat Normal Plus

1 Pallet of Fine Casting Plus

Jesmonite 150kg Kit

22kg Silicone Rubber Kit

Siniat Prestia Casting Plaster - by the pallet

25 x Site Buckets 25 x Site Buckets

Timber Laths 22mm x 5mm - 3metres x 100lengths

18 Inch Jute Scrim

Plasterers Bowls - Boxes of 25 Bowls

Timber Laths 22mm x 3mm - 3metres x 100lengths

36 Inch Jute Scrim

12 Inch Jute Scrim

Deluxe Splash Brushes

Taping Knives/Scrapers

Plastic Tubs

Steel Joint Rules

Zinc Plated Drywall Screws


Continous Filament Matt

Continuous Filament Matt - Small Rolls

Chopped Strand Matt

22Kg White Gelcoat

20Kg Clear Gelcoat

25Kg General Purpose Resin

Chopped Strands

Honey Liquid Wax

P38 Repair Paste

Wax Polish


Catalyst Dispenser

Paddle Rollers

French Chalk

Wet and Dry Sandpaper

Laminating Brushes

50mm Drywall Screws

100mm Drywall Screws 100mm Drywall Screws

38mm Drywall Screws

42mm Drywall Screws

65mm Drywall Screws

75mm Drywall Screws

32mm Drywall Screws

25mm Drywall Screws

40mm Masonary Nails

25mm Masonary Nails

Prestia CA120

Herculite Fibrefix

Bubble Wrap

Nylon Zip Overalls

First Aid Kit

Dust Masks with Valve

White Trousers

Heavy Duty Black Plastic Apron

Latex Gloves

Cotton Dust Sheet

Straps & Ratchet

Clear Plastic Apron

Fibrehand Hat

Dust Masks

Rubber Gloves

Prestia Siniat Classic Plaster

Prestia Siniat Ceram 1H

Formula Fine Casting Plus

**WEB SPECIAL** Siniat Prestia Casting Plaster - Pallet (40 bags) **WEB SPECIAL** Siniat Prestia Casting Plaster - Pallet (40 bags)

Crystalcal R

Formula Herculite no.2


Siniat Prestia Creation Plaster

Fine Casting Plus

Normal Plus

Formula Pottery Plaster

Classic Plaster

Prestia Casting Plaster - Single Bags

Tie Wire

Zinc Sheet

Pure Shellac Varnish

Continuous Filament Matt - Small Rolls

Continous Filament Matt

Shellac Pale Sealer


Vermiculite - Superfine

Methylated Spirits


Deluxe Splash Brushes

Tri-sodium Citrate

Plaster Accelerator

4" Dusting Brush

75ltr Flexible Trug

42ltr Flexible Trug

Shallow Tub

26ltr Flexible Trug

Plastic Tubs

14ltr Flexible Trug

High Density Bucket

Site Bucket

Plasterers Bowls

Fibrehand Plastering Supplies General Description

Fibrehand Plastering Supplies specialise in Casting Plasters Timber laths and Jute scrim. We are based in Essex and offer Nationwide coverage for Buckets & Bowls Cove Adhesive Fibreglass, Resins & GRG etc.
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