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Coblands Landscapes Ltd

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01892 863778
Mr Colin Viccars
South Farm Barn
South Farm Lane
Tunbridge Wells
South East

About Coblands Landscapes Ltd

Coblands Landscapes Ltd have a 40 year trading history as a specialist contractor providing landscape construction and grounds maintenance services to commercial and public authority clients in Southern England.

Our long experience and wide range of craft skills are managed to ensure contracts are performed efficiently economically and always to satisfy our clients’ objectives.

Our work involves constructing, establishing, and maintaining new landscape as commercial or public amenity development, industrial projects and new residential or large domestic schemes. Our broad skill base offers our clients a comprehensive service throughout their development’s progress from ecological resolutions and site clearance to hard and soft landscape construction to formative maintenance

New landscape is nothing without appropriate aftercare to achieve and sustain its potential. Coblands Landscapes have the proud record of long-term involvements maintaining prestige high amenity value developments, also of historic gardens and grounds.

Our Services
Given under separate headings for clarity the range of services Coblands Landscapes offer are complementary, our contracts frequently comprising many aspects of landscape installation and management.

New amenity landscape is an investment with the potential to give high returns for posterity if well designed, installed with skill and cared for with expertise. We see in every new contract large or small our helping towards the positive improvement of our living and working environment.

Landscaping Services
We have encountered site conditions where even Ms Jekyll might have wavered in her beliefs but generally this does hold true, where those outcomes are required we can achieve it. Landscape Construction is our core activity, both hard and soft landscape installation.

Coblands Landscapes client base includes major building and construction contractors, property developers, local and public authorities, from whom we receive enquiries or from their agents, buyers, specifiers, building and landscape architects. Our management team will work with clients to produce best value outcomes for their budgets.

Grounds Maintenance
Twenty years ago Coblands Landscapes chose to expand its grounds maintenance activities with the result that it now represents half of our business, since then our staff have been providing award winning services with the highest horticultural skills to maintain both new and established landscaped grounds. We specialise in tending high amenity value landscape such as prestige office surrounds, business parks, historical estates and gardens, also sports turf surfaces and public amenity landscape when craft skills and experience makes a valued difference.

Our role is to understand and deliver to our clients the best potential for their investment in a landscape scheme, to sustain the integrity of the design or historic character of the grounds. We see grounds maintenance as an opportunity to not just to sustain but to develop the quality of the managed landscape features, looking to the long term outcome and achieving the best return for the investment made in the built environment whether large or small.

Ecological Services
In recent years we have developed a range of Ecological Services to landscape and conservation managers for environmentally sensitive sites. We can undertake the provision of slow worm fencing during a clearance phase of development, to the construction of hibernacula to replace sites lost through development and the creation of basking and foraging areas.Our skilled staff are experienced in the restoration and/or creation of grassland and wildflower areas, ponds, lakes and dykes to enhance the habitat of an area suitable for wildlife.

We provide on-site practical support services for professional ecologists - our qualified staff assist with conducting species surveys, supervised destructive searches, habitat management. Additionally, we construct specialist hibernacula, and reptile barriers, manage woodlands for amenity use. These activities frequently link with our associated Company, Hazelwood Tree Management Ltd, who offer a skilled and responsible approach to tree management.


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commercial ground maintenance south east, roof gardens, retirement home gardens, sports turf construction, commercial amenity landscaping, historic garden renovation, tree surgery, soil de-compaction, sports turf maintenance, timber decking, public parks
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