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01622 752292
Mr Derek J March
343 Loose Road,
ME15 9PY
England UK

About Brick & Lime Supplies

Specialist Listed Building Repair and Renovation Supplies

We are specialist suppliers of natural building and decorating products and are not limited to working with lime products; our warehouse is stocked with a wide range of other materials including reclaimed products which restore the original splendour of your listed or modern property. Other skills and resources we can take advantage of include:
  • Lime Mortar analysis
  • Brick matching for imperial as well as metric
  • Handmade Imperial new and reclaimed bricks, tiles and York stone
  • Sawn green oak
  • Kiln dried oak flooring
  • Special shapes, cants and plinths
  • Arches - segmented as well as glued on to concrete
  • Stone products - Portland, Sussex sandstone and also reconstructed stone
  • Coloured mortars
  • Earth Pigments
  • Sawn Oak Laths
  • Chestnut Riven Laths
  • Thermo Fleece
  • Wool Insulation
  • Pre Mixed Coloured cementation mortars
  • Pre Mixed Coloured mortars

Get in touch with us and we can offer you advice during your consultation in regards to what products will enhance your project and also provide samples of potential materials.

We are heavily involved in the use of specialist lime products to refurbish and repair high profile listed buildings in the South East of England. Knowledgeable in our field, the company has been established for over 22 years and our proprietor has in excess of 30 years of experience in the repair and restoration of Tudor, Medieval, Georgian and Victorian property.

Brick & lime suppliers established for 30 years
You can be assured by our dedication to a sympathetic project, using only top quality products which we can guarantee and write specifications for. We stock the full range of Lime Green, Cornish Lime and The Lime Centre’s products and are approved agents for each manufacturer.

We can project manage the job from start to finish, sourcing matching bricks, limes, paint and plaster to maintain the property’s period features.

What We Do?
Brick & Lime Supplies is always on hand to assist you throughout the duration of your project and once it is completed. We are here to provide:
  • Advice and technical support
  • Training courses
  • Samples of materials, including bricks
  • Reclaim and new building material, i.e. bricks, handmade tile and slate
  • Next day delivery service
  • Colour brochures which are available on request

We do hope that you will approach us with any queries you may have, we may be able to help you in locating a hard to find product or suggesting solutions to any issues you come across. We’re specialists in our field and always put 100% into everything we do. Contact us today to discuss your renovation.

Brick and Lime Supplies
Modern cementitious mortars are hard and impermeable and can allow moisture to be trapped within the structure. Lime mortars and renders are vapour permeable, allowing the structure to breathe and release moisture. They are also more flexible and will tolerate the movements associated with traditional building construction.

We produce only the finest lime mortars for use in plastering, rendering, re-pointing and bricklaying.

  • Lime Products
  • Forest Products
  • Earth & Animal Products
  • Reclaim Products
  • Roof tiles, reclaim and new
  • Sand
  • Grits
  • Crushed Chalk
  • Wool Insulation
  • Rolls, bats (various thicknesses)


Products & Services

Warm Shell System

Lime Green Warm Shell System

Lime Green Products


Listed Building Repair Supplies

Listed Building Renovation Supplies

Renovation Supplies

Listed Building Supplies

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Crushed Chalk



New Slates


Reclaimed Slated

Hand Made Bricks

Handmade Bricks

Reclaimed Bricks

Barley straw

Cow Dung Daub

Yak Hair Daub

Goat Hair Daub

Horse Hair Daub

Earth Pigments


Tile Pegs

Green Oak Framing

Oak Flooring

Wattle Split Hazel

Sawn Oak Laths

Riven Chestnut Laths

Mineral Paint


Quick Lime

Lime Wash Paint

Limewash Paint


Lime Green

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lime putty

Slake lime mortar

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Laths Chestnut Oak Riven

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Premixed Lime Products

Reclaimed Brick and Lime

Sand and Stone,Reclaimed

Reclaim York Stone

Reclaim Rag Stone

Sand Supplier

Handmade Bricks

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