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Airflo Envirorental Ltd

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01302 321223
Mr Stephen Smith
Bank Street
South Yorkshire
England UK
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About Airflo Envirorental Ltd

Airflo Environmental provides on-demand short-term rental solutions for ventilation and climate control, protecting workers’ health and increasing productivity in the workplace.

Our focus is on maintaining sustainable and safe working environments by:
  • relieving heat stress and exhaustion with air cooling and ventilation
  • relieving fresh air deprivation in confined working spaces with forced air ventilation
  • relieving airborne dust and fume contamination with air extraction and filtration
We take time and care to listen to what you are saying to us so that we understand your challenges, which means that every Airflo solution is simple and effective.

Why Come To Airflo?
When you hire from Airflo, you are hiring a solution backed by 45 years of experience and expertise in product application, delivered through what is probably one of the most comprehensive ranges of ventilation and climate control equipment.

We often say, we would like our service to become as important to you as your business is to us - we mean it too.

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  • Air Cleaners
  • Air Conditioning - Package Units
  • Air Conditioning - Mobile Units
  • Dehumidifiers - Desiccant Type
  • Dehumidifiers - Refrigeration Type
  • Dust Extractors
  • Electrical
  • Evaporative Cooler
  • Exhaust Fume Filters
  • Fans - Centrifugal
  • Fans - Cooling
  • Fans - Ventilation
  • Heaters - Electric
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  • Refrigerant Reclaim Pumps
  • Weld Fume Filters



If you are struggling to decide what type of mobile heater to use for your site, factory or warehouse, here are some helpful tips to help you decide on the best option for you.
Heating air increases its capacity to hold water and therefore reduces its relative humidity.
Air can be heated in two ways:
1. Directly (the air comes into contact with the heating element) or
2. Indirectly (the air bypasses the heating element through a heat-exchanger).
Direct heating gives a heating efficiency of almost 100% as most of the energy from the heating element is absorbed into the air stream. (Only a small amount of heat is absorbed within the body of the heater).
The most clean and dry form of direct heating is electric, as nothing is absorbed by the air passed over the heating element apart from thermal energy.
The use of heating fuels is also an effective form of direct heating. The most economical fuel is gas oil (diesel) or paraffin. Burning these fuels produces moisture, combustion gases and smell, along with other hazards such as soot and combustion particles. This can cause health complications if used in an enclosed area without adequate ventilation. In addition to this, the soot settles on surfaces, meaning that absorbent goods, materials and clothing can become tainted. Operatives can experience breathing difficulties unless the correct precautions are taken and, ultimately, carcinogenic emissions can have a serious affect on health.
An alternative heating fuel is LPG which can be cleaner and easier to handle but its combustion produces moisture and gases which carry a smell, causing similar problems as burning gas oil or paraffin if the correct procedures are not followed and precautions not taken.
Indirect heating gives an efficiency of about 70%. Approximately 30% of the heating energy is exhausted through a flue along with the residues of combustion, moisture, gases, soot etc.
Indirect heaters are usually powered by gas oil, paraffin, or LPG and circulate clean, dry air through the heat-exchanger. They can be used safely in enclosed areas, providing the flue is correctly ducted away from any enclosed areas. In many installations of this nature, the flue itself will radiate an amount of thermal energy into the enclosed areas, thus increasing the overall efficiency of the system. Alternatively, indirect heaters can be placed outside the enclosed area and the warm air ducted in. This is especially useful where a supply of fresh air is required or where an area (such as a marquee) is to be kept under slight positive internal pressure.
Mobile heaters are usually fan-assisted for effective air movement. Where it is important to minimise airflow or noise, radiant heaters can be used which rely on natural convection currents to circulate the warmed air.
They should not be used where flammable fumes or dust can be drawn into the air stream. In contaminated and flammable areas, indirect-fired heaters sited externally may be suitable if used correctly.
Electric quartz radiant heaters conduct thermal energy by light, heating whatever material the light falls on. As these materials warm up, they will themselves radiate some thermal energy which is absorbed by the air, although the air is not heated directly by the heater itself. This form of heating is especially effective in draughty or open areas.
Where heat is being applied for purposes of drying – e.g., building materials, crops, water damaged buildings – it would be most effective to use electric heat although this is not often practical due to the amount of power required to achieve the heat output. Especially taking into consideration that a 3KW electric heater on a 110V supply draws the best part of 32A, it’s not surprising that alternative forms of heating are looked for on site.
In most drying situations, the optimal solution is the use of indirect-fired heaters but, if the fumes and soot aren’t going to be an issue, direct-fired heaters can still be effective because the water-holding capacity of warming air exceeds the volume of water produced by the combustion process.
If you are looking for expert advice on the best kind of mobile heater for your circumstance, look no further than Airflo – the temporary air quality rental specialists since 1972. We can assist with whatever requirement you may have. Send us a message now at or give us a call on 0800 289 191.
Alarming 650 deaths in UK each year linked to diesel exhaust exposure

Airflo promotes portable exhaust filters in a campaign to protect workers and drive statistics down.

Airflo makes it easy for you to combat diesel exhaust exposure by offering a nationwide delivery service for rental of portable exhaust filters, which can be quickly and temporarily fitted to any piece of diesel powered machinery running in enclosed or confined spaces. So whether it’s in a workshop, warehouse, tunnel, exhibition hall or on a construction site, you can breathe again.

UK statistics claim that diesel exhaust exposure is linked to 650 deaths and 800 new cases of cancer every year. Workers regularly exposed to diesel exhaust are 40% more likely to develop lung cancer, say the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH).
Airflo is endorsing two current campaigns:

• ‘Breathe Freely’ by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) and
• ‘No Time To Lose’ by IOSH.

Both campaigns address serious health issues relating to diesel exhaust exposure, offering advice, support and resources.

And for all those thinking about Tier 4 and Euro 6 compliant engine technology; well, the answer is, yes, it makes a difference but that’s not the end of the story. You might well ask, does this mean that exhaust fumes from modern engines are clean? Quite simply, no, not at all – vehicle exhaust still contains over 40 different substances classified as hazardous pollutants, 15 of which are carcinogenic, seen as contributors to the increasing numbers of cases of respiratory disease in the UK each year.

What has happened is that, due to increasing efficiencies in fuel burning and exhaust recirculation, all these nasty particles in the emissions have got smaller, in fact 15-35 times smaller, making them almost impossible to see.

For further information, call Airflo free on 0800 289 191 or email

Airflo Envirorental Ltd
Fresh Air. Anywhere.
Protecting workers’ health and improving productivity
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Airflo Envirorental Ltd General Description

Airflo Envirorental provides on-demand short-term rental solutions for ventilation and climate control, protecting workers’ health and improving productivity in the workplace
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