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Mr Suhail Mats
Unit 29 St Marys Street
England UK

About Adiseal Ltd

Adiseal Professional Construction Products

Adiseal Ltd are suppliers of professional, high performance construction products & building materials. Our record breaking strongest adhesive Adiseal is the best grab adhesive & sealant available.

Adiseal best grab adhesive & waterproof sealant
Adiseal is the best adhesive by far as proven by an independent test. It was over 3 times stronger than the nearest competitor & too strong for even the test rig.

Adiseal Ultimate drill bits
Introducing the fastest and most durable metal drill bit. It drilled more holes than the top 3 worlds biggest brands combined. Also in the Adiseal Ultimate range is the fastest masonry drill bit when drilling without hammer function. It is the fastest no-hammer brick drill bit & fastest no-hammer concrete drill bit.

Adiseal Ltd are professional construction products & building materials suppliers to the following types of trade merchants:

• Builders Merchants,
• Plumbers Merchants,
• Electrical Wholesalers,
• Engineering Merchants,
• Architectural Ironmongers,
• DIY Stores & other

Product range
Adiseal adhesive & sealant - best grab adhesive & sealant as shown by independent test.

Adiseal Hi-Grab adhesive – instant grab adhesive.

Adisolve – Solvent cleaner, adhesive remove & sealant remover in 1 product.

AllPlug – Universal wall plugs for plasterboard & solid material. Heavy duty.

AllClip - Universal clip for pipes, cables and conduit of different sizes

Adiglue - Our best glue. Higher strength than super glue.

IPGel Duo - Two-component electrical insulation gel

IPGel Mono - Ready-to-use electrical insulation gel

CabLube Liquid / Gel / Foam - Cable pulling lubricants

Adiseal adhesive sealant - Strongest adhesive & waterproof sealant
Works in dry, wet & even underwater
Waterproof sealant & adhesive
Fast power grab & grip
Resists mould
Over paintable
Non brittle & stays flexible
UV resistant
Virtually odourless
Isocyanate free
Solvent free
No shrinkage or cracking
Permanently flexible
Prevent fungal growth
Prevent bacteria growth
Good resistance to chemicals
EC1 Plus certified
ISEGA certified – safe for use in food preparation areas

Adiseal adhesive & sealants can be used for many different applications. Some examples include:
Mirror adhesive
Stick wood to metal

Concrete adhesive

Glue to brick
Gutter sealant

Lead sealant

Sticking skirting boards to a wall
Stick plastic to metal
PVC adhesive
Sticking roof felt
Stick stone

Roof sealant

Adiseal is a waterproof sealant that will seal a leak in the dry, wet & even underwater. If it’s raining outside and there is a gutter leak, this is not a problem for Adiseal. Adiseal can stick underwater as well as seal underwater.

In the UK, Adiseal products can be purchased from Adiseal stockist. For other countries please visit online hardware merchant who can ship to other countries.

Adiseal adhesive & sealant is available in the following colours
Adiseal white sealant & adhesive
Adiseal ultra clear sealant & adhesive
Adiseal black sealant & adhesive
Adiseal grey sealant & adhesive
Adiseal brown sealant & adhesive

Adiseal has also been shown to be better than CT1 sealant adhesive. Adiseal has stronger grab than CT1 adhesive & stronger mould resistance than CT1 sealant & BT1 sealant. Adiseal Ultra clear sealant also stays clearer in water than CT1 clear sealant.


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Masonry drill bit

Metal drill bit

Adiseal Ltd General Description

Adiseal Ltd are the UK distributors of international brands. Our team of professional Sales Representatives also represent in the UK
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