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About Basement Living

Basement Living is the UK's premier provider of basement conversions, cellar renovations, garden basements and cellar waterproofing and tanking. Wherever you are in the country, we can extend your living space - and in the process, give you a much-improved quality of life.

Basement Living ImageBasement & Cellar Conversion
Traditionally, many homeowners seeking more living space in their properties have opted to, rather than move to larger properties, extend their existing properties outwards and upwards. However, the advancement and increased economic viability of waterproofing methods and technologies has led many homeowners to turn to basement and cellar conversions even for basements and cellars that are damp and dank!

Basement Living ImageBasement & Cellar Construction
Many people are eager to have more space in their homes, but simply do not consider moving house a financially practical option. Many such people therefore opt to create more space underneath the ground level of their homes through basement and cellar construction. Basement and cellar construction can certainly help the government to meet the new growth targets that it has outlined in the Housing Green Paper in July.

Basement Living ImageGarden Basement
Many families seek to create more living space in their homes but struggle to do so for financial or practical reasons. Nonetheless, such families are often still capable of creating more living space; they merely have to think creatively about how they do so. Conventional ideas for doing so include building garden rooms or log cabins in back gardens and digging out or refurbishing basements; however, it is possible to combine these two ideas and create what is called a garden basement!

Basement Living ImageBasement & Cellar Waterproofing & Tanking
A crucial aspect of good quality basement or cellar construction is good quality basement or cellar waterproofing. However, such waterproofing, which is more commonly referred to as basement or cellar tanking, often must be applied in a very particular way if it is to help to prevent any water entering the basement or cellar and so damaging it. Thankfully, however, basement and cellar tanking can be much easier with the help of expert advice from Basement Living.

We can advise on many different products!
We at Basement Living have the right knowledge and experience to advise you on an impressive variety of products. We can use knowledge of your particular situation to advise you on what products you should use and how you should use them for basement or cellar construction or conversion.

Below the product categories are introductory details of the kinds of products that we can advise on.

Damp Proofing
There is a variety of waterproofing solutions suitable for a variety of basements. Each of these solutions typically uses one of two waterproofing methods: membranes or structured waterproofing, otherwise known as tanking. The damp proofing products that we advise on include Wykamol’s Cavity Drainage damp proof membranes and cement-based tanking products.

Basement Living Image

Plugs and Tapes
We can advise on a large variety of plugs and tapes products. The plugs products in this variety include super brick plugs, plaster plugs, COB plugs and plug seals, while the tapes products in this variety include Wykamol butyl tape, Wykamol butyl rope, Wykamol Overseal, DAB collars and big-selling Wykamol Corner.

Drainage Solutions
When installing Wykamol Cavity Drainage membranes, it is crucial to also provide an appropriate drainage solution. Mechanical drainage must be used here due to the common impossibility or inconvenience of natural drainage. The sumps, pumps and alarms products we can advise on include BlackSump™ and SumpFlo™ products.

Sewage Systems
We can advise on a huge variety of Magna sewage systems products. These products are fully automatic packaged pumping stations that have been specifically designed for pumping foul and waste water when gravity drainage is impossible or uneconomical to install. We can also advise on Aquaflush and Powerflush systems.

Basement Living Image


Work Commences On Newcastle Premier Inn

A £17m project to breathe new life into the much-loved Co-op building in Newcastle is taking shape. Construction on the Grade-II listed structure began in April and is expected to be completed by December 2015. When finished it will contain a 184-bedroom Premier Inn hotel, other retail outlets and a large gym.

The impressive building extends to nearly 170,000 sq ft over six floors and has become a feature of the cities skyline since its completion in the 1930's.

It was initially designed by architect L.G. Ekins, who was strongly influenced by Egyptian designs of which he integrated in to the then modern Art Deco style of the period.

The Newgate Street building and adjoining multi-storey car park were bought for £9m from the Co-operative Group by DTZ Investment Management. The work is being carried out on its behalf by Interserve Plc. It will involve more than 600 people and a target has been set of 80% of staff coming from the region.

Meanwhile, Interserve aims to place 80% of the project’s £17m contract value with local businesses.

Site Sealants Ltd and thier team of Certified Surveyors in structural waterproofing were brought in to spearhead the basement restoration which required as much as 10,000m2 of Wykamol Waterproofing Membrane.

Due to the history of the site, and the complexity of the work, the firm has employed heritage consultant Sarah Dyer, who said: “It’s an amazing building which is revealing something new to us almost every day on the build.”

All work has been closely monitored by Newcastle City Council to ensure it adheres to strict preservation guidelines. It was originally constructed in two stages, on St Andrew’s Street in 1902 while the Art Deco building followed in 1930.

The Co-op there closed in 2011. From then until it was bought in March this year it suffered serious deterioration caused by the elements - water damage was a great concern - as well as vandals and thieves. In August 2012 the four clocks at the top of the building were stolen by thieves posing as builders in hi vis jackets.

They are to be replaced with three clocks and a barometer made by specialist firm Smith’s of Derby which made the original clocks too, one of a series of coincidences linked to the build.

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