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John Earnshaw
Suite F1, Epic House,
18 Darnall Road
S9 5AB
England UK

About Rostek-UK Ltd

Introduction to Rostek-UK Ltd
Operating internationally for over twenty-five years, Rostek specialises in the development of solutions that enable operatives to work safely at height.

We are a multimillion pound turnover organisation and one of the largest work at height specialists in Europe.

Rostek-UK is The Total Solution Provider
As a total work at height solution provider, we cater for everyone, from Architects requiring a design service for complex Façade Access equipment on a 50-storey tower, to Commercial Property Agents being certain that their clients' buildings comply with legislation. Whatever you need, Rostek’s individually tailored systems fit the bill.

Our Products
  • Guardrail and Balustrade

  • Walkways and Surface Covers

  • Stairs and Ladders

  • Horizontal Lifelines and Rails

  • Vertical Lifelines

  • Rescue Systems

  • Eyebolt Anchor Systems
  • Building Maintenance Units

  • Monorail Systems

  • BMU Cradles

  • Cradle Restraint Systems

  • Travelling Gantries

  • Travelling Ladders

  • Rope Access Systems

Design and Specification
The key to safe and efficient systems for working at height is the anticipation of all necessary building maintenance activities early in the design process before construction commences.

Rostek-UK understands that determining which areas of a building’s envelope will require regular maintenance is an essential part of the design process. Only when these are known and the frequency of work is established is it possible to select the most appropriate access system.

For existing buildings, this means assessing the maintenance activities currently being undertaken, and cross-referencing them with any systems for compliance with equipment standards, to ensure they provide safe access to all required areas.

Rostek Consultancy Service
It’s not a surprise that in an age of such rapid change to work at height equipment, standards and legislation, more and more leading Building Owners, Property Agents and Architects are turning to the services of Rostek-UK.

Our consultants provide expert advice on the safety, suitability and compliance of work at height equipment, management controls on existing buildings and the design and specification of Façade Access and Fall Protection systems on new buildings.

Their knowledge and expertise will ensure you have complete peace of mind that work at height is being undertaken safely, efficiently and in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Façade Access Systems
For today’s sophisticated building façades to look and perform at their best it is essential they are inspected, cleaned and if necessary repaired on a regular basis.

Fall Protection Systems
Access to roofs and other high level structures is required in all sectors of industry on a daily basis.

For maintenance activities such as gutter cleaning, access to rooftop plant and repairs to telecommunications installations to be carried out safely and efficiently, it is essential that adequate systems are in place to protect workers against falls from height.

Operating nationally, Rostek’s Fall Protection division specialises in designing and installing systems that allow roof top and other high level maintenance activities to be undertaken safely and efficiently.


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