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Ian Broom
1 King John Avenue
BH11 9RS

About Impact Acoustics

Impact Acoustics is an innovative new multi-disciplinary acoustic and noise consultancy. The noise consultancy offers value for money services to the construction, industrial, residential, commercial, environmental, educational sectors as well as the private individual throughout the UK.

Impact Acoustics will offer a complete service to developers and construction companies; covering all noise related aspects, from support to planning applications, industrial and commercial noise impact assessments / noise surveys through to acoustic and sustainable design in conjunction with architects and planning consultants.

All of Impact acoustics are members of the IOA (institute of acoustics) and hold full CSCS cards.

To find out more or recieve a quotation please contact Impact Acoustics.

Building AcousticsPlanning & NoiseSchool Acoustics
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Wind Farm/Turbine
Audio/Studio Design
& Treatment
Environmental Noise
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Impact Acoustics offer the following services relating to acoustics and noise control:
  • Building Design and Specification
  • Design Supply and Installation for Partition Walls and Floors
  • Surveys for Industrial Noise
  • Environmental Noise Impact Assessment within all industries
  • Planning Support Noise Impact Assessments within all industries
  • BB93 Acoustic Survey for Schools
  • Assessment of Occupational Noise at Work
  • Assessment of Road Traffic Noise
  • Assessment of Railway Noise
  • Construction Noise Impact Assessment
  • Demolition Noise Assessment
  • Engineering Noise Control
  • Assessment of Mineral Extract Noise
  • Supporting Credits to BREEAM
  • Noise Impact Assessment of Wind Farm/Turbine Noise
  • Design, Supply and Installation of Studio Systems
  • Design, Supply and Installation of Audio Systems
  • Design, Supply and Installation of Acoustic Treatment

Noise Problem? No Problem.
Noise emissions from many sources, particularly those associated with industrial processes, can often be reduced by means of noise control measures applied at the source, or very close to the source. Noise control measures of this kind include acoustic attenuators and acoustic louvers which can be fitted to air handling and ventilation plant, and various types of noise reduction kits which are available as extras for some items of mechanical plant and equipment.

In some circumstances correctly designed vibration isolation mounts may also be helpful in controlling noise emissions by reducing the amount of acoustic energy which is transmitted to relatively light structures in the vicinity of the item of plant concerned. Light structures such as lightweight plant enclosures are likely to radiate structure-borne sound more effectively than heavier structures.

Impact Acoustics also deal with a vast range of noise control issues for the private individual in design specification and improvement of sound insulation. Our goal is to help the noise issue disappear.

To find out more or receive a quotation please contact Impact Acoustics.
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