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Fabreeka International (Fabreeka GB)

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8 - 12 Jubilee Way
Thackley Old Road
BD18 1QG
England UK

About Fabreeka International (Fabreeka GB)

Over 90 years of industry experience…

An ISO 9001 registered company, Fabreeka brings nearly a century of experience providing anti vibration and shock isolation solutions for customers worldwide. Incorporated in 1918, Fabreeka worked with engineers at Goodyear and MIT to develop the original "Fabreeka pad." In addition to our Fabcel pad, patented in 1964, our range of solutions includes low frequency, pneumatic isolators. Custom moulded vibration and shock isolators are made by our Tech Products subsidiary.

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Fabreeka International has been a leader in the field of anti vibration and shock control since 1936. Our company provides vibration isolation and shock control solutions for industries worldwide.

Sound engineering principles and tested performance support all of our vibration isolation recommendations. Fabreeka is more than a manufacturer of isolators. We engineer solutions for your vibration and shock problems.

Providing solutions for unwanted vibration and shock can sometimes involve more than providing the correct isolator. Our customers ask for solutions for many applications which require additional design effort to provide a complete isolation result. In addition to having product knowledge, engineers at Fabreeka are well versed in the additional aspects of vibration isolation. We regularly use the experience we have gained on previous applications and projects to provide our customers with the proper vibration isolation recommendations for a total vibration solution.

Fabreeka International (Fabreeka GB) ImageFabreeka International (Fabreeka GB) Image

Fabreeka's design capabilities include:
  • Structural design and stress analysis of structures
  • Foundation (inertia block) design including construction drawings
  • Finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Dynamic/Modal analysis
  • Vibration measurement and analysis
  • Construction/project management

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Fabreeka International (Fabreeka GB) ImageFabreeka International (Fabreeka GB) Image
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