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Orchard Hire and Sales

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Stoke Orchard Road
Bishops Cleeve
GL52 7DG

About Orchard Hire and Sales

Orchard Hire and Sales Ltd. is a trade scaffolding supplier and stockist of scaffolding tube, boards and fittings. We have both new and used scaffolding for sale and provide a convenient delivery service to customers throughout the UK including Wales and Scotland.

Scaffolding Tubes
Orchard Hire and Sales stock new scaffolding tube for sale and also have tube for hire. The tube is available in fixed lengths, but can be cut to specific sizes if required.
  • Galvanised Scaffold Tube — to BS1139 : Part II (48.3mm O.D. x 4mm). Stock lengths available = 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m, 4.0m, 5.0m, 6.4m. Galvanising resists rust and extends the lifetime of a scaffold tube.

  • Galvanised Scaffold Putlog — 1.5m x 48.3mm O.D. x 3.2mm. Flattened end inserts into brickwork joints.

  • Scaffolding Tube (Aluminium)
    Lightweight Scaffold Tube — BS1139 : Part II (6m x 48.3mm O.D. x 4mm).

  • System Scaffolding
    Readylock Transom (5 Board) — Zinc plated steel. For faster erection of independent scaffolds with traditional tube, board and fittings.

  • Extendable Transom — Zinc plated steel. Fittingless design for faster erection of independent scaffolds. Extends to support up to three inside boards. Suitable for the construction of timber frame buildings. Enables the scaffold to be withdrawn from the timber frame to make space for brick laying.

Scaffolding Fittings

Orchard Hire and Sales sell new scaffold fittings of types that are widely used and approved by scaffolders. They are of a high quality and tested to the relevant British and European standards.

Orchard Hire and Sales also have scaffolding fittings for hire. They are inspected and serviced frequently to ensure that they are reliable on site.

Scaffolding Boards
Orchard Hire and Sales supply scaffold boards made from selected European white-wood timber that is from sources certified by PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). PEFC timber only comes from legal and sustainable sources.

  • Adjustable Steel Props — (interchangeable with Acrow props) BS4074: 1982. Spray-paint finish. For vertical support.

  • Trench Struts — same style as Acrow props, but with 100mm square clawed end plates designed for horizontal use; bracing timber trench linings.

  • Strongboys ® — Max SWL 340kg. Attachment to prop head plate and inner tube to provide cantilever support to brickwork when removing wall masonry. Compatible with Acrow props.

  • Push-Pull Props — variable angle support prop for shuttering.

  • Prop Bracing Double Couplers — connects prop outer tube (60.3mm outer diameter) to scaffold tube (48.4mm O.D.) at 90°

  • Prop Bracing Swivel Couplers — connects prop outer tube (60.3mm outer diameter) to scaffold tube (48.4mm O.D.) at any angle for diagonal bracing.

  • Replacement Prop Ring, Pin and Chain — Zinc plated steel. Slides over the prop inner. Suitable for repairing Acrow Props.

  • Road-Form — 3m square edged steel road-form for pouring concrete slabs. 20mm holes at 300mm centres for starter bars.

Key Clamps
Tubeclamps ® are a range of fittings that connect steel or aluminium tubes together. They are very similar to another range of tube clamp fittings called Key Klamps ®. They have a smoother profile with less protrusion than other types of clamps for scaffolding tube.

Tube clamps slide over tubes and hold them in position with hex socket bolts that are tightened with an allen key. They enable the construction of frames and railings out of scaffolding tube where the tube ends interconnect rather than being off-set and overlapping (as is generally the case with other scaffolding fittings).

Access Equipment
  • Aluminium Ladder-frame Tower
  • Fibreglass step ladder
  • Staging
  • Handrail Brackets (for Staging)
  • Galvanised Steel Ladder
  • Timber Pole Ladder
  • Aluminium Extension Ladder
  • Orange Painted Steel Ladder
  • Adjustable Steel Trestle
  • Trestle Fall-protection / Handrail Bracket


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