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LED LUX Lighting

LED LUX Lighting prides itself on strong customer service and after sales technical support

Offering high quality technically advanced LED lighting specification meeting demanding client's specification

Our products are not only guaranteed to prove extremely reliable but with savings up to 90% on electricity bill it helps in eliminating waste from your business -no need to ever change another tube or bulb again.

Contact LED LUX Lighting now to arrange No Obligation Lighting Audit and learn how LED lighting will reduce your overheads and increase cash flow
Contact us now on 087 684 0253 We work nationally for your convenience

Hybrid Heating
In collorboration with our partners we now offer Heat Pump Hybrid heating system for hotels nursing homes and commercial application
Call us on 087 684 0253 to arrange site visit or sent us your drawings at

Reviews & Testimonials for LED LUX LIGHTING

5 star review
March 01, 2017
Recogising lighting represents significant portion of operating costs ,highlighted lighting as a major contributor to energy consumption.Over 4000 Fixturers were replaced with energy efficient LEDS throughout hospital. Saving plan was achieved.
Testimonial by
Mater Hospital Dublin
LED LUX LIGHTING. 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.


Pay Per Lux

Could your business save more ?
Think how much your business could save each month by switching to LED Lighting- as much as 90%

Here is quick way to see how much you are burning or costing per day/ week/ year- see where the money is draining away

Below is sequence you need to calculate to find out how much its costing your businesss to keep the lights on. Is there a better way you may think of cutting costs

Number of each type of light fitting x wattage of Bulbs x Hours/ week/ year divided by 1000 to calculate KWh x Unit rate of Electricity Or simple call us on 087 684 0253 to avoid the headache and your time and we conduct lighting audit with No Obligation on your part, you will learn how much you could actually reduce your electricity bills every month.

Call or text LED LUX Lighting on 087 684 0253 or
SEAI Grant Funding-Get 40% Funding

New Pilot Scheme Get 40% Grant
lighting Upgrade Funding

The SEAI in their efforts to help SMEs reduce their energy costs have announced a Smart Lighting Grant.
If you were considering upgrading your lighting now there’s an even a better reason to get the project up and running.
Which on consideration may provide an impetus to proceed with further lighting upgrade of your business It certainly makes the project more affordable- imagine 40% of the cost as a gift from the SEAI! also available is Energy Credit lighting incentive allowance so you may now apply for both grants together totaling over 50% funding of your lighting upgrade including installation

Under SEAI terms and conditions we can apply on your behalf making the process easier for our clients

I have taken the liberty of outlining below the details. You might wish to note that the Pilot Scheme Grant must be fully completed and claim for payment submitted by 13thth October 2017, (Application form- SEAI approval- work commence- monitor before/ after LED installation).

By all means feel free to contact me should you have any questions whether your business qualifies on 087 684 0253 or

The SEAI want to help you reduce your energy use and costs, making you more competitive as a result. When you change to energy efficient lighting you can save up to 90% on your annual lighting costs. There’s also the added bonus that modern LEDs are virtually maintenance free so there are further savings to be made.
At LED LUX Lighting, we have years of experience working both with our own clients and the SEAI and we can manage the process for you.

If you are SME based in the Republic of Ireland, with less than 250 employees then there’s a chance you will qualify if you are operating in any of these sectors:
-Nursing Homes
-Fitness Centres
-Small Hotels / Large B&Bs

The products you use must be Triple E Registered. Our products are registered and this enables us to help you design your new lighting system and advise you which product will qualify for the scheme. We carry out a Smart Audit and advise you on the ROI and amount of the Grant you will qualify for.

If you are interested in finding out whether your business qualifies please contact me on 087 684 0253
LED Light Delivers where and when its needed

LED Light Delivers where and when its needed

With the very latest LED lighting provides forklift driver with clear visuals for reading labels at high, mid and low level without glare or eye fatigue during their working day.
Nowadays energy saving is so much more important than was the way 10 years ago. We see so many high bay warehousing projects where lighting is switched every morning at 7am waiting on the ware house staff to arrive on duty by 7.30am. Electricity could be reduced by as much as 90 percent in select areas thought each working day. LED lighting is not affected by switching and can be switched off during down times such as lunch and break times.
LED LUX LIGHTING technology is now capable of being dimmed down to 10 percent and when sensor is activated will immediately switch light back to 100 percent without delay (LED Lighting does not need to warm -up, to light up)
Linking warehouse lighting and storage racking isles ensures lights are only on when and where needed. Occupancy sensors are provided to sense when isle is occupied and light is switched back to full Power- Only with LED Lighting

•Minimising shadows and glare
•Light only where and when needed with high quality output light
•Reduced Energy spend
•High Bay lighting in wash down animal food Production to IK 10 or IK 11

Hi Rack Lighting
Providing the right light solution to warehouse High bay racking is crucial so high-quality lighting with good light coverage spread is maintained during the life span of LED lighting.

LED technology has the capabilities of reducing overall number of light units yet providing more light output than existing metal halide or fluorescent and of course huge benefit of switching to LED light is less energy spent will dramatically reduce utility bills by well over 60% payback within a couple of years and sometimes as short as 18 months, our warranty to 5 years and average life of an our LEDs is 50,000 hrs+ without ever changing a light bulb or ballast.
LED Lighting better for your Workforce

LED Lighting better for your Workforce?

Daylight controls and has direct influences on our moods and sense of well-being. Daylight alone is not sufficient, as we need the correct level of lighting to carry out our work and here we introduce LED LIGHTING that has many attributes’ over traditional fluorescent lighting
Inadequate lighting will effect employee wellbeing and may result in eye strain, tiredness with reduced productivity particular in roles that involve problem solving and concentration.

Providing correct light levels ensure employees performance is acceptable and within health and safety guidelines
Better light levels are now on everyone’s lips. Upgrading to LED makes a big jump in the quality of lighting and probably reduce the number of sick days as a result of adopting LED LIGHTING IN THE work place.
Good quality lighting provides comfort without glare and discomfort.

Facility managers can now concentrate on more importance objectives than pricing scissor lifts disruptions and downtime caused by poor lighting levels
We believe that by correctly providing the lighting solution in large open applications will significantly reduce operational running costs and increase employees sense of comfort and increase productivity and reduce shop floor accidents

LED Lighting MakesTthe Difference
People feel better and work with a more possitive attitude with increased productivity in the workplace where LEDs have been fittted

To learn More contact us on

NO Obligation Lighting Audit learn how much your business can save
Allowance available on LED Lighting Upgrade and ROI
Digital Lighting as a Service

Digital Lighting as A Service

Digital LED Lighting

LED LUX Lighting provide Digital Lighting as a Service so there is no longer any need to spend your capex or arrange bank loan when we can supple fit and offset your payment structure by the savings you make each month on your electricity bills, making it a viable proposition to switch quickly to LED lighting without pain or obtaining bank loan.

Strictly for commercial customer that need dramatically reduce electricity and enhance lighting in workplace
LED lighting is not affected by switching and can be switched off during down times, saving even more money

Are you still using old metal halides, halogens fluorescents, traditional lighting energy hungry pushing up electricity bills by stealth?
LED LUX LIGHTING only provide LEDs and not all the other stuff you get at an electrical trade counter. There is no longer any need to erect blue-rich LED lighting in your high bay lighting that only offers poor light output levels-

We are professional lighting designers and our partners manufacture and supply the latest LED technology incorporating only the latest LED technology from Philips, Aurora LED Chip and Meanwell driver, meeting our clients demanding
specification, providing lighting solutions to needs and budget.

LED LIGHTING technology is now capable of being dimmed with ON/ OFF sensor.
LED lights come on instantly when switched no waiting for lights to warms up.

Contact Us Now to learn more how we can reduce your energy bills and how to switch over to LED
Mob: 087 684 0253

LED LUX LIGHTING will now secure your lighting rebate

High bay /Logistics /Sports/ Retail /Healthcare
Strictly for the commercial customer that need reliability.
LED lighting is not affected by switching and can be switched off during down times such as lunch and break times.

Using the latest LED light provides forklift driver with clear visuals for reading labels at high, mid and low level without glare or eye fatigue during their working day.

LED LIGHTING technology is now capable of being dimmed with ON/ OFF sensor.
LED lights come on instantly when switched s no waiting for lights to warms up.
Are you still using old metal halides, halogens fluorescents, traditional lighting energy hungry pushing up electricity bills by stealth-America warplane ‘stealth ‘rules the skies without detection.

LED LUX LIGHTING only provide LEDs and not all the other stuff you get at an electrical trade counter. We are professionals at designing and provding LED lighting solutions to your needs and budget.
We now provide Digitial Lighting as a service so there is no longer any need to spend your capex or otain bank loan when we can supple and fit and offset your payment structure by the savings you will make each month, making it a vivable proposion to switch quickly to LED lighting without the pain of putting up the money up front.

Led lighting making light work | making economic sense

Led lighting making light work | making economic sense

The old saying if it’s too good to be true it probably is. On this occasion however grand rebate is managed by SEAI.I hear how does our company benefit and how do we go about getting the rebate. Show me how to get my hands on all this lovely cash with no strings attached. Yes, no strings. Since the crash there are a lot of companies still recovering and another old saying Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Cash Flow is Reality. It’s not the percentage rations its real cash that's king. You will probably agree every cent saved goes straight to your bottom line. Wouldn’t it be great if only I could keep my savings there year on year without losing a cent? Cash flow or the lack of it has seriously affected many companies and it’s the one factor that keeps them from actually seeing the real benefits of switching to LEDs
Here's the question:
What if you were offered up to 30% of the cost of your energy upgrade project and it reduced day to day running costs by at least 50%, would you go ahead?
By switching to LED lighting reduces running costs- LED lighting saves money, by a minimum of fifty percent (50%) depending on your current system. So, if Cash Flow is an issue this is certainly a proven way to solving it
If we take a broader view, Private Healthcare, Pharmaceutical lighting, Food Processing manufacturing, Light industrial, Warehouse logistics, Retail Fashion, over 65% is saved on day to day running costs.

By switching over to LED lighting payback is with 2 to 3 years and can be as low as 10 months saving thousands of Euro straight away and continuing over the following years

Cash flow probably is not the problem you thought it was and obscures the real substantial bottom line benefits... Every cent saved through LEDs goes straight to the bottom line, no turnover increase, no staff increase, no marketing campaign in fact no additional expense’s at all. Led lux lighting makes light work and makes economic sense

Let’s discuss the drawback If It’s too good to be true it probable is, there is no such thing as a free lunch, well we have finally put all these doubts to bed.
Why wait for the funds to run out? Act NOW Contact Sean 087 684 0253
Is your lighting unsightly and creating negative effect?

The right atmosphere is important in attracting your customers?
Providing the right professional light source ensures customers stay longer and encourages impulse purchases. Customers visit your business because they find it attractive and well designed lighting goes a long ways to making your customer feel comfortable and ready to buy your offerings.Every purchase is important and with online becoming the norm ts even more important today to ensure your customer stays a little bit longer. Dont give your customer and excuse to leave your shop today because they dont feel welcome or light levels are simply not up to standard expected in today business world.
-Today customers want more information and customised experienced during their shopping trip, providing the ideal shopping experience and atmosphere will help encourage your customers to stay longer.
-The feel -good effect is always a good basis for sales discussion.
Experience the difference
-Retrofit existing Low Bay lighting with energy efficient LED lighting
-Retrofitting is convenient way that bring a new lease of life to tired light fittings.
-Keep existing light fittings retrofit at a fraction of the cost of new fittings
-Dramatically reduces electricity usage
• No Warn Up time required-No energy wastage
• No flicker
• No dark spots-No shadows
• No maintenance NO service required
• Simple screws into your existing fitting
• Short payback on upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting

LED Lighting with its lower than average electricity consumption and maintenance costs has a clear advantage which help save day to day running costs and every Euro saved goes straight to your bottom line.

Quality Control
LEDs come with five-year warranty.

Achieve energy efficiency-Switch to LED -better for the environment, better for you
Provide better customer experience and enhances working conditions.
Attracts more customers with increase sales

Is you Business eligible for Energy Grant Rebate?
Contact us today on 087 684 0253 or
Learn more about how LED LUX LIGHTING can help your business save money and reduce wastage

Hotels : LEDS A bright new way to save energy and money with cash back

The most common types of light fitting used in Hotel and Hostels today are variations of compact Fluorescent tubes.
Typically, in corridors and toilets the 2D lamp is used. There are 3 main issues with this type of product, they generate a lot of heat and tarnish the fittings, they are power hungry and they are not suitable for use on sensors as it dramatically reduces their life. Having light fittings in areas which operate even when not occupied can cost up to €40 each per year on electricity.
You probably will have to change the lamp once per year and change the ballast every 2-3 years. Combine all these costs plus the costs to actually fit the lamp or refit a new ballast and your annual operational cost per item can easily double. So in effect the compact fluorescent is not ideal for your environment and is a power hungry light fitting
LED Lux Lighting are committed to reducing energy costs and designing products fit for purpose. We know business owners are stressed by costs and see upgrading lighting having many additional costs such as remedial work to repair/touch up previous locations of the old fitting. Nevertheless, you would welcome at least 50% reduction in your lighting energy and maintenance costs with a payback of under 1-2 years.
We provide commercial grade LED products which delivers all you need and more and help towards reducing climate change. With our Retrofit range, LED LUX LIGHTING offer units which will deliver from 50% to 80% saving on electrical and maintenance costs, backed up with 3yr to 5yr warranties.
We have retrofitted light fittings of all shapes and sizes from 1930s to contemporary both indoor and out. The typical 2D fitting, either square or round will take our retrofit plate with the additional options of dimming, inbuilt sensor or emergency control. We can also advise on all other lighting to enable you clearly see the cost benefits of upgrading or switching to energy efficient LED lighting
We only sell direct so you will not find similar commercial grade LED products in your local Electrical wholesale at as competitive a price with the added benefit of our energy audit and support.
ROI provides a sound financial investment and probably a large percentage of light fixtures can be retrofitted providing even a better return on investment within a couple of years and in some cases as little as 12 months or less.
It’s a win win and save on energy, so project literally pay for themselves. You get the added bonus of becoming more environmentally friendly with reduced CO2/carbon footprint literally above your head.

Contact us with your details today on or 087 684 0253 to arrange a Lighting Audit no obligation

Our teams will review your project, provide expertise and assistance so, you can see first-hand how LED lighting will dramatically reduce your business overheads and save hundreds if not thousands of euro every month.
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