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About Uzin

With over a 100 year experience, UZIN provides the UK’s flooring professionals with ecological, innovative and high quality products and solutions. From new installations to renovation of all types of floor coverings.

With smoothing compounds, adhesives and damp-proofing systems, the whole range comprises practical products and solutions for today’s flooring contractors.

At UZIN we live and breathe floors and work in close partnership with our customers. We are committed to investments into basic research, product development, product safety and application technology as the basis of our innovative strength. We will continue to refine and develop a first class range of reliable, ecological and innovative products.

Your Floor. Our Promise.
It takes a high degree of effort and creativity to fulfil the vision you have given your clients. It requires attention to detail and an uncompromising requirement for solutions to issues that your projects demand. In recent years flooring installations can be compromised with cheap and low quality subfloor products which can affect the durability of the floorcovering. At UZIN, our product systems are of the highest quality and are also safe for the environment.

Our promises:
  • To work with our customers in partnership.
  • Support our customers to achieve mutual success.
  • Adapt our products to the most recent demands of the market and to the needs of our customers.
  • To be there when we are needed for help, advice and assistance.
  • To offer our customers the best solution for each project, even in the face of exceptional challenges.
UZIN offers a range of products for all your flooring requirements, from low emission and eco-friendly products to switchTec® adhesive technology for quick refurbishments. We also provide a selection of products which can be used on 90% of all flooring installation.

Screed Construction
UZIN Turbolight® System & Lightweight Screeds
Rapid Cement Screeds
Self Levelling Screeds
Concrete Floor Sealer & Industrial Tops
Screed Additives

switchTec® Adhesive Tape Technology
Floor Tape & Removing Floors Without Residues
Adhesive Tapes For Skirting, Capping & Coving
Adhesive Tapes For Stairs

Wood Flooring Installation
Wood Floor Installation Primer
Wood Floor Adhesives
Wood Floor Underlay

Tools & Accessories
Tools For Floor Adhesives
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Marine Flooring Systems
Marine Flooring Systems

Cleaning Floors

Reviews & Testimonials for Uzin

5 star review
January 02, 2018
A UZIN system was used to install the ‘herringbone’ wood floor with the new Sainsbury Gallery at the V&A.

Building Type: Commercial Construction
Pad: Low emission flooring installation
Solution: Ecological Installation , Fast-Track Installation Systems
Brand: UZIN

A UZIN system was used to install the ‘herringbone’ wood floor with the new Sainsbury Gallery at the V&A. The Sainsbury Gallery opened in June 2017 as a part of the V&A Exhibition Road Quarter. The expansion created a beautiful and unique space for London, and a world class gallery space for the V&A’s internationally acclaimed exhibition programme. The 1100 square metre column-free Sainsbury Gallery, is one of the largest temporary exhibition spaces in the UK and was created by excavating 18 metres below ground, directly beneath the V&A’s Grade I listed buildings.

The flooring contractor Architectural Flooring Specialists decided to use UZIN products because a high quality finish was vital at this prestigious project. UZIN provide fail safe installation systems. UZIN also provided exceptional technical service and back up throughout the installation to help with any queries during the project. Firstly UZIN PE 404, resin DPM was used to protect the floor from residual moisture within the concrete substrate. UZIN PE 280 a rapid drying primer was then applied to the floor before UZIN NC 150, a heavy duty smoothing compound was installed. UZIN MK 92 wood adhesive was then used to install the intricate herringbone parquet floor. The new Sainsbury Gallery provides a spectacular, dynamic and flexible exhibition space and the floor helps create an outstanding, unique and atmospheric environment.
Testimonial by
The Sainsbury Gallery at the V & A
5 star review
August 06, 2017

The job/challenge:

The Grade one listed Boringdon Hall Hotel in Plympton, near Plymouth is a former medieval Manor House where style and luxury meet the Elizabethan architecture. The hotel believed this idyllic location on the edge of Dartmoor would make the perfect destination spa and aimed to create luxurious fitness and wellbeing facilities. Drawing inspiration from nature the spa’s interior and exterior encompass natural materials including wood, stone and glass in order to bring the outdoors in. A high quality finish was therefore paramount.

Approximately 900 square metres of new flooring needed to be installed throughout the new Gaia Spa including treatment areas, gym, boutique, restaurant as well as the reception and interconnecting corridors. The builders had used an anhydrite screed for the installation and the moisture levels were over 75% relative humidity (RH). The construction industry has seen a growth in the use of anhydrite screeds but has failed to find an answer for adequate protection against moisture. Waiting for damp anhydrite screeds to dry can take a long time so the client required a solution to enable works to continue.

The solution / implementation:

The flooring contractor, Russells Flooring Ltd had a good working relationship with UZIN Technical Sales Representative Gavin Coleman and have 100% trust in UZIN’s product systems. After learning about UZIN’s new system to protect calcium sulphate screeds against residual moisture up to 95% RH, Russells Flooring Ltd decided to specify the unique system to help expedite the project. The UZIN system allows projects to be completed much quicker and avoids long delays, so provided the perfect solution. Firstly two coats of UZIN PE 425 primer was applied to the anhydrite screed. Two coats of UZIN PE 404 resin DPM were then installed, followed by a coat of UZIN PE 280 rapid drying primer. A flat and smooth finish was achieved by installing UZIN NC 150 water mix smoothing compound. Finally a variety of different floor coverings including luxury vinyl tiles, vinyl and safety flooring were installed using UZIN KE 2000 S pressure sensitive adhesive. The innovative system enabled Russells Flooring Ltd to install the new flooring in time for clients opening date.

The result:

The new Gaia Spa within the grounds of Boringdon Hall offers guests a calm and relaxing experience with a luxury spa, fitness facilities and swimming pool with countryside views. The new flooring complements the amenities helping create a tranquil and peaceful environment. The client was extremely happy with the finish of the floor coverings and Russells Flooring Ltd received exceptional feedback from the builders regarding their standard of work. As a result the builders will continue to work with Russells Flooring Ltd on future projects.

“We use UZIN products regularly and find their wide range of products and service outstanding, which helps provided a first class finish for our clients.”

Andrew Russell, Company Director, Russells Flooring Ltd
Testimonial by
Gaia Spa & Gym at Boringdon Hall Hotel
5 star review
May 03, 2017
A variety of UZIN products were used to renovate the flooring within the reception at Peterborough Regional College. The flooring contractor, Superior Finish Contracts was appointed to remove the old wood block flooring and install the new luxury vinyl tiles after a burst pipe flooded the reception. As the College provides education and training to over 10,000 students and businesses a year, it was extremely important that the new floor could withstand the heavy footfall. With many LVT manufacturers requiring at least a 25 N compressive strength smoothing compound it was also important that the correct products were used. Low strength smoothing compounds are susceptible to indentations that will mirror in the floor covering, especially if there is heavy traffic and trolley transportation

UZIN NC 150 smoothing compound has a high compressive strength of 25 N and produces a fantastic finish so was ideal for use in the College’s reception. The old wood block flooring was first removed by the College. Superior Finish Contracts then heavily scarified the subfloor before applying 2 coats of UZIN PE 414 DPM, followed by a coat of fine sand. UZIN Deep Fill was then used to infill these areas, followed by UZIN PE 360 primer and a finishing coat of UZIN NC 150. The LVT flooring was then installed with UZIN KE 2000 S, a low emission pressure sensitive adhesive. Carpet tile were also installed in the entrance using UZIN U 2100 tackifier. The floor was exceptional finished by Superior Finish Contracts and by using a UZIN system, Peterborough Regional College will benefit from a more durable floor which can tolerate the large amount of foot traffic.
Testimonial by
Peterborough Regional College
5 star review
January 01, 2015
UZIN flooring system was used to install approximately 1300 square metres of new vinyl at Holly Ward within Hinchingbrooke Hospital, which is run by Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust. The hospital is committed to providing the highest standards of health care, so required an environmentally friendly solution for the refurbishment. Having used a UZIN system to install the new floor at the sexual assault referral centre earlier in the year Superior Finish (Contracts) Ltd again chose a UZIN system for the renovation. The UZIN products provided the quality and environmental credentials required by Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust.

A suitable range of EC1 and solvent-free products were therefore used for the installation. EC1 products help reduce emissions and diminish health risks when installing floors. The old linoleum floor was first removed using a WOLFF Turbo-Stripper. To help save time UZIN NC 163 renovation smoothing compound was installed because it doesn’t require priming. UZIN KE 2000 S pressure sensitive adhesive was then used to install the vinyl flooring. The finish was outstanding producing a warm and welcoming environmen
Testimonial by
Hinchingbrooke Hospital Holly Ward
Uzin. 5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.



UZIN Sponsors HMP Onley Floor Training Scheme

UZIN is pleased to announce the sponsorship of the Flooring Workshop and training scheme at HMP Onley.

Onley is an adult male prison located near Rugby in Warwickshire close to the Uzin Utz UK headquarters in Rugby. The floor training scheme is the first of its kind in the prison estate. The core aim is to assist in rehabilitation and help the individuals gain employment upon their release. The training involves subfloor preparation as well as carpet, vinyl, prefinished wood and luxury vinyl tiles installation.
Due to the skills shortage within the flooring industry, UZIN has always been an advocate of training and encourages apprenticeship schemes in order to help people get into the trade.

Daniel Leeson, UZIN Marketing Manager said: "When we heard of this local initiative to help rehabilitate these individuals by training them in flooring installations we were eager to help support the scheme. Fitting floors requires a remarkable amount of expertise and the prisoners are determined to turn their lives around by learning these new skills. We will be working with HMP Onley to help the trainees to gain employment upon their release and welcome any Flooring Contractors to contact us if they have any apprenticeship available."

Matthew Brown appointed new Managing Director of Uzin Utz UK Ltd.

Matthew Brown appointed new Managing Director of Uzin Utz UK Ltd.

Uzin Utz UK Ltd. is pleased to announce that Matthew Brown has been hired as the new Managing Director. After his appointment Matthew said “It’s a privilege to have been appointed the role of Managing Director and look forward in using my expertise to help develop and grow the business, whilst assisting and supporting our customers. Uzin Utz UK Ltd. has been leading product developments for over 27 years and I am looking forward to what we can achieve together with our customers.”

Matthew has more than 23 years of experience in the flooring and construction industry. His knowledge and expertise will not only help nurture Uzin Utz UK Ltd. but also initiate new strategies, drive development plans and foster relationships with our UK and Irish customers.
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