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Fulford House
Newbold Terrace
Leamington Spa
CV32 4EA
England UK
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About TP Soundproofing Ltd

TP Soundproofing is a midland based specialist consultant, manufacturer and installer of high quality soundproofing and sound reduction systems.

We understand that, many building designs and building materials, all too often do not take into consideration the potential for perceptible airborne and/or impact noise problems. As a result, people’s lives can be severely affected.
  • Environmental noise - Outside noise created by industry, noisy roads, railways or air traffic is a major contributor to noise pollution.

  • Noisy neighbours - Boisterous children, noisy pets, and neighbours who like to play loud music can be a challenge for people wishing to live a quieter life.

  • Considerate noise makers - Keeping the noise in and not just out is often an objective for considerate noise makers wishing to soundproof a music room or a hobby workshop.
Our aim is quite simply to help our clients create audibly comfortable living and work spaces, free of unnecessary distracting environmental or nuisance noise.

Our Services
Whether our clients need soundproof walls, ceilings, floors, or soundproofing for an entire room, our expert team can offer a fully integrated service which includes:
  • Consultancy
    Our experts will give you candid, honest advice about the most effective way to deal with your noise issue. Based on our knowledge of acoustics, building construction, materials and installation processes, we will provide you with the most appropriate solution.

  • Design
    We will not just apply noise reduction materials to your wall, ceiling or floor surfaces. Following a detailed survey of your home we will design a bespoke solution that will ensure your noise reduction problem is dealt with effectively.

  • Manufacture
    We use the latest approved, most efficient specialist soundproofing products to produce our range of systems. Our frame system is the most advanced, effective soundproofing system on the market, designed and developed exclusively by our own expert team.

  • Installation
    Our installation teams are highly skilled and pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring you get the best possible result. Our service includes electrics, plastering and carpentry to leave your home spotless once we have finished the job.
We are able to combine our technical ‘know-how’ with our installation knowledge and skills to provide our clients with a full spectrum of soundproofing applications, including; walls, ceilings, floors and whole rooms.
  • Soundproof walls
    Using a combination of tailored specialist soundproof materials, our wall systems provide a range of highly effective noise barriers. Systems are most commonly used on the party wall as a barrier to reduce noise from neighbours as well as for music studios and games rooms.

  • Soundproof ceilings
    Soundproof ceiling systems are installed to act as a barrier against airborne noise and some impact noises. Our systems are designed and manufactured to suit a variety of needs. Whether a thin space saving ceiling solution for apartments, flats and offices or a thick studio system most commonly used for music rooms, practice rooms, studios and games rooms.

  • Soundproof floors
    We design manufacture and install a range of different systems to floors to reduce airborne noise. We have many different solutions including systems to reduce impact noise as well as systems to meet current Part E Building Regulations for separating floors.

  • Soundproof studios
    We soundproof whole rooms using the latest soundproofing materials. We design, manufacture and install a full soundproofing solution specific to your requirements. We also advise and arrange accompanying lighting and digital technology so you get the maximum enjoyment from your room whether it be a practice room, garage conversion, basement conversion, sound booth, media room, or home cinema.

Reviews & Testimonials for TP Soundproofing Ltd

5 star review
February 01, 2018
I cannot praise the TP Soundproofing Team enough. From the initial consultation through to the end result meticulous attention was paid to all elements of the work. Following on from the first consultation further detailed discussions were required to make absolutely sure that the work specification would meet my desired outcome, and deliver the peace and quiet which I was seeking. No detail was too small or too much trouble. As a result, the job of soundproofing the whole of my semi-detached party wall, putting in new floating floors and soundproofing the ceilings and flanking walls was completed on time and to a very high standard.
Testimonial by
Miss R. CheltenhamSoundproofing Cheltenham - Semi-Detached House
5 star review
October 30, 2017

Soundproofing Warwick
T P Soundproofing did a very professional Job on my bedroom, am I am very satisfied with the
work done. The problem was impact noise from doors/drawers coming from the neighbours bedroom which share
the party wall with my bedroom in my 2 bedroomed bungalow, which resulted in me being woken fairly regularly
as I am alight sleeper. The noise has been reduced to the occasional minor sound which I am only aware of
when I am already awake, and I have not been woken once by noise from next door in the two months since the soundproofing was put in.
Testimonial by
Peter R Warwick
5 star review
July 06, 2017
Jim, it has been almost six weeks since you and your team soundproofed our lounge and I am writing to say how delighted we are with the results. We no longer get any noise through the party wall. It is lovely to sit in our lounge without feeling someone else is in the room with us, many thanks to you and your team.
Testimonial by
Bernard Bowman Party Wall Soundproofing, Stafford
TP Soundproofing Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.


The installers view on…. Sound Proofing Domestic Gym Floors Call us now! 01926 658 638

The Sound proofing Problem

The property was a new build and the customer wanted one of their bedrooms converted into a gym. The problem was impact noise from gym equipment travelling all over the house and through to next door. The customer wanted to be able to use the gym at whatever time of day or night.

Anyone that has experienced newly built homes today will appreciate how badly sound travels throughout the house and into next-doors house. It is fair to say that acoustics do not play any part in the construction of these houses. You can normally hear the TV in the lounge from the second floor top bedrooms. Not to mention hearing yours neighbours too!

This very considerate customer understood that if they were to install gym equipment on the first-floor bedroom, there is no doubt the impact noise of running on the treadmill and other gym equipment would carry not only down stairs in the kitchen below; but also through to next door as well.

In fact before sound proofing the separating floor, running on the treadmill in the bedroom above the kitchen, it felt like the kitchen ceiling was going to fall down. The thumbing on the ceiling above when you were in the kitchen was unbearable and you could not help looking at the ceiling moving above your head.
The solution – Soundproof The Floor

We removed the whole floor back to the exposed joists where we were able to install various sound proofing materials and methods to tackle that impact noise. After replacing the sub-floor we installed some specialist sound proofing resilient layers that made up our TPS80F before installing a beautiful solid oak floor to finish. We then as standard re-fitted the skirting with acoustic material floating off the new floor.

Now after sound proofing the floor, the customer can use the Gym equipment any time of day or night and will not bother anyone. When standing in the kitchen below and someone is running on the treadmill on the new gym floor, you can hardly hear anything. Great Result! The beautiful new floor has a really high quality feel to it, and can be used for all sorts of activities that just would not have been practical before. Converting a bedroom into a personal home gym has given the house a big wow factor and a great use of space.
The Installers View On..Tuck it up…and Tuck it down! Call us now! 01926 658 638

Sound proofing is a specialist trade….

Which demands skill and attention to detail like no other trade. Knowledge of buildings and structure, together with the understanding of how sound travels is imperative to the success of any project.

We receive many calls where either a builder or a good DIY capable person has ‘had a go’ at sound proofing a property. Why not?…if it works you are saving yourself a couple of hundred pounds in labour.

However, the calls we receive normally result in us taking the whole wall down to start again. This is because the noise problem has not been reduced or in some cases when a builder has attempted the work; the noise has been emphasised and made worse using modern building methods. This unexpected poor noise reduction result, leads the guilty builder to do a bit more extra work to the property to make up for it.This extra work is normally additional plastering, decorating or installing coving etc….all of which makes the original sound proofing job more expensive to make right.

When we remove an insufficient soundproofed walls, all the materials are disposed in a skip, it is very unlikely that we are able to recycle or re-use any of the building material, therefore a poor attempt at sound proofing a wall is a very costly process. The most common sound proofing attempts we remove, is when a customer has done a bit of research and purchased the soundproofing materials online. The customer has then encouraged their local builder or handyman to construct the sound proofing system as outlined by the supplier.

@TPSoundproofing we use all the latest sound proofing products on the market today. We only use tried and tested sound proofing materials. Most of our materials come from specialist suppliers and not much is sourced from the local builder’s merchant.

As it is the festive season we will share a simple tip that will help get better results with any domestic soundproofing:
“Tuck it up and tuck it down!”

Always remove the existing floor and tuck any wall system down as far as you can.

Sound proofing wall using DIY techniques Remove part of the ceiling and tuck the wall system up above the ceiling as far as it will go. This will help reduce the flanking noise coming under or over any soundproofing investment. Also make sure when re-fitting the floor it doesn’t make the new floating wall system negative.

TPS has a variety of different wall, floor and ceiling systems to suit any noisy neighbour project, contact us now to arrange your consultation. For semi-detached soundproofing these areas must be considered!

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