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John Sampson
Marston Lodge
St Marys Road, Creeting St Mary
England UK

About The Energy Exchange

A modern approach to energy consultancy
For 20 years The Energy Exchange GB has been reducing the energy costs of commercial, industrial and public sector businesses. Whatever powers your company – gas, oil, diesel, water or LPG – our bespoke approach will lower your bills and increase your efficiency.

Utilising our bespoke Tariff Analysis software, we identify potential tariff changes to reduce the cost of electricity. We call this our “Energy Health Check”, which can deliver real savings to our clients. For larger consumers, with half hourly metering we are able to arrange tenders to match clients' particular requirements, and not those of the suppliers. We can arrange upgraded metering, as required, to achieve any savings that may be available.

Reactive power solutions
Reactive power losses are easily identified on your energy bill. These costs can be eliminated utilising power-correction equipment.

Once identified, we will provide the client with detailed cost/benefit analysis, showing how best to deal with this issue. This will include the cost of equipment and installation that we provide vs the savings that shall be achieved, and how that will impact on your energy consumption.

Diesel, Oil & LPG
We are able to source these three energy products at competitive prices. We do the searching for you to save you time and money.

We can obtain low-cost gas contracts based on your metering and consumption. Savings can often be made by ensuring the correct metering is in place. We can arrange upgraded metering, as required, to achieve any savings that may be available.

We are able to reduce water costs by competitive tendering and the installation of pressure compensating valves, shower heads and in–line shower control valves. These can only be removed with the appropriate tool, which reduces the risk of theft of these devices.

We know that each business is different, which is why we take our time to create strategies perfectly tailored to what each one of our clients needs.

It’s vital for businesses of all types, shapes and sizes to manage their power consumption efficiently – The Energy Exchange GB is here to take out the guesswork and make sure that your business is running as efficiently as it can.

While most brokers and consultants simply offer like-for-like contract offers, the team at The Energy Exchange GB utilise our bespoke Tariff Analysis software to ensure that our clients purchase their energy in the most cost-effective way possible. In fact, we go beyond this by inviting the suppliers we work with to provide competitive tenders to further drive down our clients’ costs.

We identified issues at a hotel and arranged for the necessary remedial work. Once installed, gross savings in excess of £7,000 were achieved. The cost of equipment was £3,000, providing a net saving of £4,000 in the first year. Savings resulted from eliminating reactive power charges, reduced reserve capacity charges and an 8.5% reduction in energy consumed through greater energy efficiency as a direct result of the installation of power-correction equipment.

A college approached us because they were not sure that a public sector ‘buying group’ they were working with were providing the best solutions. After completing our tariff analysis, we identified immediate savings in excess of £2,400 per annum. These savings were supplemented by further economies through competitive tendering to realise total savings in excess of £6,000 per annum.

A health care group with five sites approached The Energy Exchange GB for help with its energy tariffs. We identified a range of changes that could be made to these tariffs, giving the client an instant saving of £6,320.

Electric Charging Points
We at the Energy Exchange, as a leading Utility Consultancy are launching our Electric Vehicle Charging Point services. We have partnerships in place with leading manufacturers and supplies of these units and have negotiated a unique deal for our Clients where we are able to supply dual units for less than £200 per month. These can be used to generate additional revenues for your business.

Make your Business a destination for consumers who require facilities to recharge their vehicles. Ideal for Shopping Mall Car Parks, Restaurants and Hotels. Colleges & Schools. Care Homes & Hospitals. Factories & Warehousing facilities. In fact, every business needs to think ahead and get ready for electric vehicles for travel and distribution.

In the event of any development or any existing location with high volume traffic such as shopping Centers & Large Car Parks would be interested we have a scheme available with zero cash input. For a detailed discussion just call John on 01449-723778. We would need to set up a survey to see if the location would qualify for this very special, although limited, opportunity.

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If you have any questions or enquiries, please contact us!


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