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About Lohmann

Lohmann produces high-tech bonding technology: double-sided adhesive tapes, transfer films and reactive adhesive systems. They may be invisible, but Lohmann adhesive products are all around us.

This is because the active use of adhesives is becoming a rapidly growing trend in the industrial sector. The advantages of adhesive technology are clear: it is light, clean and above all safe. Thanks to the precise adhesive strength, individual components are bonded efficiently and with unprecedented accuracy, ensuring customers receive the best possible solutions.

From adhesive manufacturing to process integration – "The Bonding Engineers" are your ideal contacts on any subject, from global specification work through individual product development to innovative adhesive designs. The adhesive experts from the Lohmann Tape Group cover the entire value chain and enable customer-focused solutions to be found.

Smart Bonding Approach
The Bonding Engineers stay by your side as competent partners from the moment the first concept is born. Individual adhesive concepts, a convincing product portfolio, efficient process integration and sustainable optimisation safeguard your success.

Bespoke speciality coatings
We offer a wide variety of coating technologies and numerous conversion options that enable us to work with you for the best possible product solution. We also consider integrity and discretion to be paramount when working with our customers.

Precision Die Cutting
Precision Die Cutting is the keyword for taylor made product. Whether for insulation or spacers, hot seal coating, decorative or protective film, for badges, weather-resistant sealing or robust front panels – with various converting technologies, Lohmann has years of experience in providing customers around the world with high-end adhesive tape and converting solutions for the most diverse applications.

Technical Adhesive Tape Solutions
When it comes to joining components securely and efficiently, technical adhesive tapes are today's preferred choice. Lohmann is an international pioneer of this technology and produces individual adhesive tape solutions to meet the diverse requirements of many sector.
  • Superior Bonding Films
    Industry’s demands on high-tech bonding systems are increasing year by year. Conventional pressure-sensitive adhesives no longer fulfill industry's requests. A solution to this problem is the DuploTEC SBD series.

  • Consumer Goods
    Versatile adhesive connections are a must in industrial production and manufacturing of consumer and durable goods to permanently connect panels on electrical devices, components on touch-sensitive keyboards or mirrors and bars on furniture.

  • Renewable Energy
    Developments in recent years make it clear: there'll be no getting away from renewable energy in the future. Our adhesive solutions are already producing remarkable improvements in efficiency and performance in the renewable energy sector.

  • Graphics
    Flexoprinting requires efficient solutions for the printing plate assembly in label, film or cardboard-container printing. DuploFLEX® printing-block adhesive tapes and compressible substructures pay dividends in quick, complex and long print jobs.
  • Transportation
    Lohmann offers flexible connection solutions for the automotive industry. Adhesive tapes can be adapted to a wide variety of constructions. They are die-cut for a perfect fit and hold badges, side-protection bars, cable systems or seat heaters.

  • Building & Construction
    In the construction industry, double-sided adhesive tape is used in window and door building, the sealing of buildings and photovoltaic and wind power plant construction. Lohmann offers solutions for energy-efficient designs and production processes.

  • Electronics
    Small, stylish and above all more powerful: the electronics sector is developing at a frightening pace. Lohmann's thermally and electrically conductive adhesive technology is ideally suited for use with the innovations hitting the market.

  • Hygiene
    Adhesive tapes for hygiene products and medical applications are supplied by koester. The core competence of our subsidiary lies in the coating of skin-compatible hotmelt adhesives and the production of mechanical sealing systems for nappies.

  • Medical
    Adhesive solutions are also increasingly being applied in diagnostics. Lohmann provides a range of solutions in this area, with uncompromising quality as the watchword.

  • Cards & Passports
    Smart cards such as ID- or credit cards are an integral part of our everyday lives. Their degree of forgery protection is critical. It is not possible to use standard bonded joints for such applications, which is why Lohmann has developed special transparent thermosetting adhesive films.

Reviews & Testimonials for Lohmann

5 star review
April 09, 2017
Good knowledge of a product, matched with the patience to explain that knowledge to someone like myself, unsure of what it is I needed.
Testimonial by
Dean Scott
Lohmann. 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.



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