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Unit 1/Shepheards Close
Aylsham Business Estate

About J & S Agencies

J & S Agencies is run by John and Sue Turner, who have been involved in the selling of Architectural ironmongery since 1983. We have specialised in the manufacture (in house) since 1999 of both bespoke and our standard range of products, to suit both commercial, public and private use. We are specialists in the supply of Anti ligature ironmongery (for mental health use), vision cassettes / port holes, letter plates and a wide variety of door and window fittings.

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Our modern factory and offices are in Aylsham, Norfolk. Our production base includes full CNC lathes and milling for turner parts and design machining and comprehensive fabrication and welding facilities.

We have full CAD facilities to aid design and production to overcome design issues in the demanding market that we are in.

We welcome all enquiries large or small, both domestic and international.

J & S Agencies ImageOur products include:
  • Secureview observation window (as Vistamatic )
  • Letter plates and Inner Tidies, fire rated letter plate sets, sprung letter plates, gravity letter plates, security flap inner tidies
  • Fire rated Circular and shaped vision cassettes, non fire rated Circular and shaped vision cassettes
  • Fire rated Square and rectangular vision cassettes, non fire rated Square and rectangular vision cassettes
  • Signage Numerals and Letters, Pin fixed numerals, self adhesive numerals, screw fixed numerals
  • Flush Pulls, Sliding door Flush pulls, Pull open Flush pulls, designer flush pulls
  • Door stops, floor mounted door stops, wall mounted door stops, skirting mounted door stops
  • Lever handles and all types of Pull handles, guardsman pull handles, cabinet pull handles
  • Door Knobs, centre door knobs, ball shaped knobs
  • Door handle spindle sets
  • Bathroom Indicator sets
  • Card Frames, secret fixed card frames
  • Cylinder pulls

J & S Agencies ImageJ & S Agencies Image

Anti ligature lever handle sets
Anti ligature pull handles
Anti ligature knob sets
Anti ligature cylinder pulls
Anti ligature wardrobe Rail
Anti ligature flush pulls, Anti ligature fire rated flush pulls
Anti ligature cupboard knobs
Anti ligature cupboard pulls
Anti ligature hinges
Anti ligature continuous hinge
Anti ligature soap and shampoo shelf
Anti ligature toilet roll holders
Anti ligature coat hook
Anti ligature screws and fixings
Anti ligature towel holder
Anti ligature lockable door viewer cover
Anti ligature lock cases
Anti ligature mirrors
Anti ligature escutcheons
Anti ligature clutched cylinder turns
Anti ligature cylinder turns
Anti ligature clutched bathroom turns
Anti ligature bathroom turns
Anti ligature floor mounted door stops
Anti ligature wall mounted door stops
Anti ligature skirting door stops
Anti ligature Observation window systems
Anti ligature card frames
Anti ligature grab rails
Anti ligature door protection plates
Anti ligature kick plates
Anti ligature fixed dead door reinforcement sets
Anti ligature lockable anti barricade sets
Anti ligature lever and knob sets
Anti ligature half sets of levers
Anti ligature cylinder bathroom lock case with indicator
Anti ligature window handles
Anti ligature window restrictors
Anti ligature cockspur window handles
Anti ligature window pulls
Anti ligature window handle pulls
Strike plates and extended strike plates for all types of locks

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J & S Agencies Ltd
Unit 1/Shepheards Close, Aylsham Business Estate, Norwich, NR11 6SZ
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