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Mark Treadwell
64 Well Lane
OX29 7PA

About Irrigation & Garden Services

Professional Irrigation Services in Oxfordshire
Are you fed up of watering the garden with the garden hose? Are your plants getting enough water, or too much? Here at Irrigation Garden Services in Oxfordshire, we are specialists in the design, supply and installation of high quality garden watering systems that benefit you and your home. Our services are available to all customers in the M25 catchment area including Gloucester and Worcester.

Our irrigation services are designed to irrigate specific areas of your garden, which reduces the amount of water wasted on areas that don't need it. Garden sprinkler systems can be set on a timer so that they only come on at night, which is the most economical time to water your garden. Alternatively, we can install a rain harvesting system with a rain sensor so that it shuts off when it collects enough water.

With nearly two decades of experience in our industry, we are experts in everything related to garden irrigation services. This is illustrated by our ability to create your bespoke automatic watering system from design to completion at our base in Oxfordshire.

Reasons to Choose Irrigation Services (Oxfordshire):
  • Over 19 years' of experience supplying and installing garden watering systems
  • Design, supply and installation service
  • Specialist irrigation services for residential properties
  • Each automatic watering system is designed for quality and efficiency
  • Free quotes and advice
  • More efficient use of water with night watering, which prevents evaporation
  • Less time consuming - you can spend more time gardening, rather than watering
  • Cost effective – sprinkler systems are on a timer to help reduce your water bills
Garden Irrigation
Do you ever feel like all your time is spent watering the plants? Do you ever forget to turn the garden hose off? With an automatic watering system, a computer controls everything, so you don't need to do anything. Here at Irrigation Systems in Oxfordshire, we are highly experienced in all irrigation services and carefully select the best products to install in your garden or greenhouse.

Pop-Up Systems
These types of garden sprinkler systems are connected to your water source using an underground pipe. The Pop-up is also placed underground and relies on water pressure to operate. These systems only rise above ground level whilst in the process of irrigating your Oxfordshire garden.

An electronic timer and controller will tell the system where and when to operate. We advise programming all garden watering systems to operate while you are asleep. This is because the water pressure is at its best overnight, while the lack of sunlight eliminates evaporation.

Drip Irrigation Systems
Drip irrigation systems are far more efficient than watering your garden with a hose. In fact, we would argue that drip irrigation is more effective than all garden sprinkler systems. This is because drip irrigation delivers the water to the root of the plants, which is exactly where it is needed.

If you hook it up to an automated timer, you have the most effective automatic watering system at your disposal. As a result, drip irrigation systems are often excluded from hosepipe bans.

Micro Garden Sprinkler Systems
Micro sprays can either be spray jets discharging a fine or coarse spray, or they can come in the form of sprays that discharge water in streams. Whichever type you use, they will fit into any garden shape and offer a variety of flow rates and watering patterns. Micro sprays are better for open areas that are exposed to strong winds. They are also great for penetrating compact garden beds and dense foliage.

Rainwater Harvesting System
The idea behind these ecologically sound garden watering systems is simple: they collect and store rain water to use at a later date. The water can then be purified to make it suitable for drinking and other daily applications.

Borehole (Well-Watering) System
Borehole systems are ideal for use in gardens across Oxfordshire and its surrounding areas. They provide water to your garden all year round and do so absolutely free of charge. The main advantage of borehole irrigation is that it protects you from drought conditions and hosepipe bans that can devastate a garden. Keen vegetable and fruit growers use the borehole system for its positive effect on crop yield.

Irrigation Maintenance
The experts at Irrigation Systems in Oxfordshire are committed to looking after your garden watering systems year after year. Whereas some companies offering irrigation services would rather install a system and then move on to the next one without any kind of aftercare, we are different. It is important to us that you get the best from our products.


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