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01302 630014
Unit 7 Brunel Park
Off Blyth Road, Harworth
DN11 8NE

About IBS Engineered Products Ltd

IBS Engineered Products Ltd specialise in the design, supply and installation of flow control and flood protection equipment.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of IBS Technics GmbH, whose headquarters are in Thierhaupten, Germany (approximately 1 hour north west of Munich).

IBS GmbH was established in 1994 and have had a presence in the UK since the early 2000’s. We have a long and unrivalled history of providing large scale flood protection systems, including the installation of over 1000 linear metres of glass wall systems in Europe and over 100,000 square metres of demountable and temporary flood barriers worldwide.

This includes major flood protection projects at Bewdley and Shrewsbury to protect against the River Severn, which were the first large scale demountable flood defence systems of their type in the UK and are still successfully at work today due to the high quality of finished product we supplied.

Our core business is split in to two major product areas, that of Flow Control and Flood Defence.
  • Our Flow Control products primarily include the supply and installation of penstocks and stoplogs, which are predominantly used in the water, wastewater, flood control and waterways industries.

  • The main products in our Flood Defence product portfolio are demountable flood defences, flood gates and our innovative glass wall flood protection system.

IBS Flow Control Equipment
IBS supply a range of Penstocks, Stop Logs and Bellmouths which can be used in many different applications including water and wastewater treatment plants, sewers, industrial effluent plants, flood control projects, waterways, rivers and hydro-electric plants.

Our flow control equipment is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the latest issue of DIN 19704 – Hydraulic Steel Structures, whilst also ensuring that our penstocks meet the requirements of the most recent issue of BS 7775.

The IBS group have been supplying penstocks and stoplogs extensively throughout Europe since 1994, meaning that we have almost 20 years' experience in their design and manufacture. We work closely with consultants, contractors and government agencies to ensure that they receive the best possible advice when designing their projects.

IBS Flood Protection Systems
Due to the increasing number of extreme flood events worldwide more and more cities and communities are finding solutions to protect themselves against flooding. In many cases permanent structures such as concrete flood walls, dams and dykes alongside rivers will adversely affect the local life and atmosphere during flood free times, therefore many cities and communities are installing mobile flood protection systems along their riverbanks and waterways.
  • Demountable Flood Barriers
  • Temporary Barrier (IBS K-System)
  • Flood Gates
  • Property Protection incl. doorway barriers, flaps, hatches, etc.

Spill Barriers
Spill barriers are used for quick locking and blocking of building apertures to prevent uncontrolled spilling of water-hazardous substances in case of an emergency in example spillage of contaminated fire water from burning buildings.

Material Handling
For the most part, loading long, bulky or heavy goods in a standard sea container requires a high input of time, workforce and lifting vehicles. Often it is not possible at all to load such cargo into the standard container, so that special types of containers such as open-top containers have to be resorted to. However, these are less widely available and when transported by sea up to 50% more expensive than the standard container.


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Flood Control
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