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Colin Milne
Unit 4
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About Heskins Ltd

Heskins is a manufacturer and supplier, specialising in the production of anti slip tape and floor marking materials. Heskins flagship product is Safety Grip, an abrasive, self-adhesive anti slip tape. Operating from a modern factory-style warehouse in the North West, UK.

Heskins Ltd, a manufacturer specialising in the prodiction of self adhesive abrasive safety tape, based in the North West of England. Operating from a large modern factory site, fully certified to ISO9000:2000 and ISO 14001 standards, Heskins utilisation of lean manufacturing methods enable them to offer not only a guaranteed industry grade product, but at a competitive price.

Since establishment in 1997 Heskins has grown to become the world’s foremost choice for self-adhesive anti slip tape,supplying to every continent, offering next day delivery solutions to most countries. Heskins success is purely down to their specialisation; by solely producing and selling their own materials, this principalprovides an honest, competitive and effective solution to the problem.

Heskins' wide range of manufacturing and post production conversion machines allow the option to offer the customer a choice of any grade, colour, shape, width and format, allowing Heskins to be flexible and conform to all the demands necessary in today’s competitive climate. Please enquire about logistical support systems which include Kanban, kit packs, consignment stock and the ability to meet your IT requirements, including EDI and self invoice.

Due to the wide range of modern production machines Heskins possess, they can also offer contract facilities such as adhesive coating, die cutting, sheeting, on site anti slip coating, single knife slitting and crush cutting.

  • Safety Grip™
  • Anti Slip Bolt Down Plates
  • Glow in the Dark Tape
  • Aqua Safe & Non-Abrasives
  • Conformable
  • Non Slip Fabric
  • Fire Exit Marker
  • Reflective Tape
  • Permastripe®
  • PermaRoute®
  • Ancillaries

  • Sheeting
    Heskins have the ability to convert flexible roll based products into flat sheets; fully computerised PLC based systems control the machinery to ensure accuracy within very tight tolerances. Custom designed and manufactured crush cut sheeter that is used to sheet anti slip materials can even work with very thick and tough products that other sheeters cannot handle.

    Crush cutting
    The cutting method Heskins use on their products is the toughest slitting method for flexible products, able to cut virtually anything. For Heskins non slip floor tape the only method that can effectively slit is crush cutting, it will work with many awkward and difficult flexible materials.

    Die cutting
    Heskins have a fleet of various types of die cutters, from intricate double die station rotaries to large scale, high tonnage flat beds, to produce bespoke sizes and shapes, being able to make any size from 1mmx1mm to 1mx3.5m, accurate to within 0.2mm. Kiss cut sticker sheets are also available.

    Single knife slitting
    Single knife slitting is a very cost effective way of converting logs into slit rolls, able to slit down to 2mm widths with an accuracy of within 0.05mm. Heskins operate both the Australian Javelin and the British ALS S-Tec machines; the S-Tec provides tremendous computer controlled tolerances and high volume output capabilities. Some of their anti slip tapes are slit this way.



    Heskins Introduce Marine Anti Slip Tape

    Heskins are proud to announce their new marine specific anti slip tape. Like Heskins Safety Grip™, it is an abrasive anti slip material, but the comparisons end there, as this is an abrasive material that is comfortable to walk on with bare feet.

    A Different Beast.

    Where Heskins Safety Grip™ uses aluminium oxide, a very sharp material, marine anti slip tape uses S2, a derivative of sand, that are more like round, glass beads. Not only is this more comfortable to bare skin, but it provides exceptional slip resistance in the most demanding of conditions also.

    This feature makes marine anti slip tape suitable for all water-fairing vessels, from pleasure crafts to commercial ships.

    Salt Resistant

    Heskins H3460 marine anti slip tape is also the first product in the Heskins range to be 100% salt resistant, ensuring it provides exceptional slip prevention for a long time. A beneficial feature for a product intended for vessels that spend huge amount of time on the open seas.

    Colours Available

    Heskins currently stock marine anti slip tape in black, blue and grey, available in pre-cut rolls or die cuts.

    Custom Options

    Dependent on order quantity, Heskins will be happy to discuss a custom solution should you require it, as the post-production facilities available allow for a cost effective solution that minimises waste.

    For more information, or to order, please contact the Heskins sales team.
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