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Groundwater & Geothermal Services Ltd

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1 Tree Terrace, Tree Road
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About Groundwater & Geothermal Services Ltd

All your Heating, Cooling and Water Supply needs from one great natural resource - Groundwater
Groundwater and Geothermal Services is your direct route to efficient geothermal system installation. We provide fully integrated project delivery services to private and commercial clients who wish to benefit from renewable geo-energy. In conjunction with our partner waterwell contractors and heat pump suppliers GGS designs and installs open-loop groundwater-sourced heating and natural cooling systems.

We are committed to using groundwater as a source of geo-energy because of its substantially higher thermal capacity compared with other heat sources such as dry rocks or air. As a direct result, groundwater-sourced heat pumps are able to operate with significantly higher efficiency than any other ground-source or air-source system.

GGS is dedicated to installing the most energy-efficient heat-supply systems achievable via this technology but in addition we aim to provide fully integrated systems that combine natural cooling and energy storage with conventional water supply. By facilitating the development of on-site groundwater resources GGS can help to meet your project's requirements for Space Heating, Domestic hot water, Natural Cooling or Water supply and in the process achieve substantial reductions in utility bills.

"Exploitation of natural thermal resources of groundwater and rock via high efficiency heat pumps is a sustainable and low impact technology that can be applied at numerous locations in the UK. The technology is not, however, simple nor is it universally appropriate. There are many factors that have a bearing on its applicability to a particular setting. GGS has the specialist know-how to assess suitability and bring your project through to successful completion so that you can benefit from the long term savings to be gained from geothermal technology."

Groundwater Services
GGS offers the following specialist groundwater services:
  • Hydrogeological Reports
  • Water supply system design and specification
  • Drilling contractor selection
  • Abstraction Licensing procedures
  • Drilling and Test Pumping Supervision
  • Water quality testing
  • Water treatment specification
  • Borehole pump supply and installation
  • Borehole control equipment
Please Note: We do not offer water divining as one of our services - our assessments of groundwater potential at a site are based upon scientific hydrogeology and not superstition.

Geothermal Services
GGS offers the following specialist geothermal services:
  • Feasibility Studies - is geothermal a realistic option at your site?
  • Geothermal system design - based on open-loop groundwater supply
  • Closed-loop system design for horizontal trenches, pond loops and vertical boreholes
  • Heat pump equipment supply and installation
  • Heat pump retrofits on swimming pools
  • Yield testing of existing boreholes for geothermal heating potential
  • Adaptation of existing waterwells for geothermal heating
  • Installation of water treatment equipment
Other services via our specialist partners:
  • Thermal response testing
  • Energy wellfield design
  • Thermal spa development
  • Industrial heating and cooling systems

Reviews & Testimonials for Groundwater & Geothermal Services Ltd

5 star review
September 11, 2016
"We were very satisfied with the whole project and we now have an excellent quality and high yielding water supply"
Testimonial by
Borehole headworks and control system at Haber Park.
Groundwater & Geothermal Services Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.


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Groundwater Sourced Heat Pump Systems

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Water Treatment


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Groundwater & Geothermal Services
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