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Freeland Horticulture Ltd

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Phillipa Lambourne
Rosedale Nursery
College Road

About Freeland Horticulture Ltd

National Suppliers of Topsoil and Compost
Freeland supply topsoil, specialist soils and composts for use in civil engineering, landscape, ground works, lightweight rooftop soil and sports fields.

High quality topsoil
....guaranteed consistency throughout your project.

It has become increasingly difficult to source consistent, high quality topsoil. Freeland has over the last few years used its knowledge and expertise to create a high quality, consistent, cost effective topsoil.

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Specialist Soils
...custom designed for demanding applications.

Freeland create soils for many applications and all topsoils delivered generally have to meet with the many specifications which exist within the industry. Either these specifications are supplied by customers, or Freeland create specifications which are suited for the application intended and that which is fit for purpose.

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1 Ton Bags of Topsoil
The convenient way to buy smaller quantities.

Freeland operates a topsoil bagging facility at Rainham, Essex where thousands of bags of topsoil are produced. The sandy loam topsoil adheres to BS3882:2007 and CLEA requirements, for both turfing and landscaping. The topsoil possesses the appropriate characteristics to create high quality lawns.
We also bag specialist topsoils that are designed to be more suited for specific applications, such as Lightweight Roof Top Soils.

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On-Site Blending
....the cost effective way to elevate sub-standard soils to meet BS 3882.

There is clearly a need for specialist soils contractors who operate between the main construction companies and landscape contractors, to take responsibility for the soils either on site or imported to site. This could also extend to include the placement of this material.

As with any project it is important to minimise the potential of plant failure from either the soils or the method/conditions in which they are placed. Freeland fits between the two activities as a specialist soils contractor undertaking this vital task.

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Green compost supply:

Freeland has been very active in the supply of both compost to the landscape industry and that, which would be considered for large land restoration schemes.

Freeland not only supply the compost but also get heavily involved in the design of the product advising on the soil science element of the project. Freeland possesses in house soil scientists which, over a number of years, have been involved on some of the country’s most prestigious landscape projects and have been an integral part of the landscape team as well as being the contractor undertaking the project itself.

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Peat replacement..
....the sustainable green alternative.

Each year some 28 million tonnes of peat are extracted worldwide. In the UK demand is approximately 3.4 million cubic metres per year for use by amateur gardeners and the horticultural industry. Of this amount approximately 87% is used as growing media and 13% as soil improver.

Destroying the peat bogs also releases stored carbon back into the atmosphere, which can contribute to global warming. This means that a workable alternative to peat is needed.

Freeland Horticulture has invested substantially into developing the ground breaking peat free product which retails under the name SuperFyba. SuperFyba is produced from oversize material, a green waste product to create the best performing peat replacement product available for the horticulture sector.

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Freeland Horticulture Ltd General Description

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