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International Passive Fire Ltd

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01752 690927
Unit a2 Kingsley Close
Lee Mill Industrial Estate
PL21 9LL
England UK

About International Passive Fire Ltd

International Passive Fire Ltd are leading suppliers of fire retardant, fireproof & intumescent paint and products. is one of the UK’s market leaders for the supply of Fireproofing products, Fire Retardant or Intumescent Paint to both public and trade sectors. We have a team of fireproofing experts on-hand to answer any questions you may have, for added peace of mind that the correct products have been purchased to meet the intended requirements.
  • Top quality products
  • Excellent customer service
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
Why Buy From Us?
  • Price Match for bulk orders
  • Trade discounts
  • Expert advice, with a whole department set up to deal with specifications and estimations
  • Completely independent of all manufacturers
  • Specification and estimation work free of charge (FOA)
  • High value service and back up to ensure that all jobs are completed and certified on time
Fire Certification And Test Standards
All of products that we sell are fire tested to British and or European standards, Intumescent paint use the following standards: European Union: EN 13381-8 United Kingdom: BS 476-20/21.

Our Services
We offer multiple services for many commercial sectors needing intumescent, fireproof and fire retardant paints & products.
  • Intumescent Paint
    With a higher coverage rate and new technology that will help to ensure you meet the necessary standards, our intumescent steel paint, intumescent timber paint & varnish and intumescent plaster coatings for fire protection up to 2 hours along with Class 0/1 and Euro Class B/C means a better level of protection from a simple paint.

  • Intumescent Seals
    Fire can damage almost any material, but our flame retardant seals can help slow the spread of fire, giving you valuable time until help arrives. Our intumescent seals are available to two different forms, surface mounted and rebated. The line of flame retardant seals come in all the common commercial sizes 10×4, 15×4, 20×4.

  • Fire Door Upgrade
    When you start looking to flame retardant paint solutions to help save lives and property, you may want something that works with your existing doors. Our intumescent paint, varnishes and materials for upgrading of period style doors to FD30s and FD20s fire doors are ideal for this application. Some of the best upgrade products you’ll find today, they offer reliable fire protection.

  • Fire Door Protection
    Fire doors can be an attractive way to keep everyone inside safe, but without the right protections built-in, they're virtually useless. We offer a number of products that help increase the flame retardant protection these doors can offer. Our Fire door protection section contains product information on items we sell for fire doors, intumescent letter boxes and intumescent glazing tape.

  • Electrical Fire Protection
    Incomparable reliability is exactly what our entire line of paint products offer, and our electrical protection choices offer that same quality. Here you’ll find products that we sell for fire protecting of electrical equipment like intumescent gaskets and other flame retardant choices. The perfect way to protect some of the most valuable equipment in the building, it’s a cost saving measure you’re certainly going to want to implement.

  • Fire Rated Iron Mongery
    You want things to look attractive, but flame retardant products are so much safer, right? Now you don’t have to choose! Check out our full line of products like fire rated self closing hinges, hinges and door closers in a choice of different finishes for beauty and protection in one amazing package.

  • Fire Stopping Products
    Looking for fire retardant products that don’t just retard the growth of the flames, but actually stop it? This is the perfect place. Our products range from intumescent mastics to flame stopping pillows and batts. Intumescent collars and wraps.

  • Cladding Fire Barriers
    Our flame protection cavity barrier systems are designed to offer 1 to 2 hours fire protection and flame retardant power, buying your entire structure some time you certainly need in the event tragedy strikes.

  • Access Panels
    Our range of access panels caters for many needs across industries. With a choice of plastic, metal and even plasterboard faced means that you will find what you need.We cover different ratings, frame types, locks supplied and if need be, even bespoke sizing if stock does not meet you requirements. To see the full range of access panels.


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