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EU Glass

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Dave Wyatt
44 Mulgrave Road
SE18 5TY
Opening Hours
08:00 am-07:30 pm
08:00 am-07:30 pm

08:00 am-07:30 pm

08:00 am-07:30 pm

08:00 am-07:30 pm

08:00 am-07:30 pm

08:00 am-07:30 pm 08:00 am-07:30 pm


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Please feel free to call us in or out of hours, we will help at any time 07815044434 or e mail

About EU Glass

EU Glass is an independent Glass Supplier / consultancy company for Architects, construction companies and fa├žade companies in the UK, Mainland Europe and the USA

Our strength is built on partnerships, both with our customers and suppliers alike.

Finding cost effective solutions to meet our customer's needs is our number one goal.

We offer good old fashioned customer service, quotes are supplied quickly, as are sample requests. We believe our customers are the most important part of our business and our partners believe the same.

Product range Includes

Oversized Units - From 6000mm up-to 18000mm
Treble Glazed Units
Solar Control Glass
Low E Glass

Enduroshield - Self Cleaning / Easy Clean Glass

Ornilux Bird Protection Glass

Curved Glass

Toughened Glass- all sizes
Laminated Glass - up-to 78mm with Coatings if required
PVB - SGP - Vanceva Interlayers

Screen Printed Glass
HD Digital Printed Glass

Walk / Drive on Glass

Solar Control Anti Slip Glass

Electochromic Glass

CUin Glass
Heat Mirror

Enduroshield is an invisible non-stick coating that reduces cleaning time by up to 90%. It turns the glass into a surface that repels both water (Hydrophobic) and Oil (oleo-phobic) and makes the glass up to 90% easier to clean with no need of harsh chemicals, Enduroshield also protects the glass surface from corrosion and etching from contaminants including pollution, sea salts, cement/concrete slurry. In our opinion one of the best benefits of the product is the positive effect it has on the environment.

Ornilux Bird Protection Glass
Bird Deaths are caused by all glass structures, from large sky scrapers to normal residential home windows and glass balustrades. To help eradicate this problem The Arnold Glass Group have come up with a solution in the form of "Ornilux Bird Protection Glass" - with its roots in Biomimicry Design Theory, a discipline that studies nature's best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems.

EU glass are pleased to offer our customers CUin, a fantastic product that saves our customers money and reduces weight and space for their glazing requirements. CUin Insulating Glass Units (IGU's) utilize innovative suspended Film Technology to achieve the lowest centre pane U Values with double and Treble Glazed Units.

Heat Mirror
EU Glass are pleased to offer our customers Heat Mirror: Heat Mirror is a high performance, energy efficient glass system that improves Thermal Insulation. The Technology Suspends a Film in the airspace of an insulated Glass unit to create an airtight chamber, this system delivers superior Photometric data compared to a standard double glazed unit. Heat Mirror Technology was named one of the top 100 inventions of the millennium by Popular Science.

Sealed Units
We work with a number of sealed unit manufacturers across Europe and so we are able to offer units based on almost any glass combination. we can provide Sealed Units up-to 18000mm - we work with Guardian,arcon, Glas Troesch & SG coatings. We supply a large amount of roof lights and can offer extras such as Anti Slip , Fit Borders - digital print options.
In truth if you have something hard to create we are a great contact to have.

Installation & Special Projects Team
Working closely with our clients we understand that they sometimes need to have a one-stop-shop solution for individual projects. Although Supply only is our preference we will look at your project and are happy to introduce you to our array of contacts to support your project.

Interior Design
EU Glass works with all industries to supply glass solutions. Our work includes:
  • Mirrors
  • Glass shelves
  • Patterned Glass
  • Splash Backs
  • Furniture Glass
  • Glass Balustrades
  • Shower Screens

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5 star review
May 17, 2016
great service and price
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mark 11
EU Glass. 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.


Products & Services

Electro chromic Glass


Heat Mirror

Anti Slip Glass

drive On glass

Walk On Glass

Digital Print

Screen Printed Glass

Vanceva Interlayer

SGP Interlayer

Glass Balustrades

Laminated Glass

Toughened Glass

Curved Glass

Bird Protection glass


clear shield



Low E

Solar Control

Treble Glazed Units

Over sized IGUs from 6000mm to 18000mm


Name Role Email Telephone
Dave Wyatt Director 07815044434
Faye Wyatt Office Manager 02088542878
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