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Ablaze Building Solutions Ltd

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Kevin Rose
Farynor House
1 Woodend Road, Deepcut
GU16 6QH
England UK

About Ablaze Building Solutions Ltd

Ablaze Building Solutions Ltd is a leading, security business based in Camberley, Surrey. We have completed work across the entire United Kingdom. Ablaze Building Solutions takes pride in the installation and maintenance of bespoke security and fire protection solutions. Offering a full range of solutions to our clients we enable them to combine all their needs under one roof. We offer affordable installation and maintenance services.

Fire Alarms
Ablaze Building Solutions Ltd offer an extensive range of fire alarm throughout the entire United Kingdom. Regardless of the nature of your business, Ablaze Building Solutions specialise in the installation and maintenance of a wide range of fire alarms which are suited to any environment.

Our fire alarm services include:
  • Fire detection & alarms systems
  • Fire alarm installations
  • Wireless fire alarms
  • Aspirating fire & smoke detection systems
  • Fire alarms maintenance
Access Control
Ablaze Building Solutions Ltd supply access control systems that can become an important part of your business' security system. We design and install access control systems that are tailored to your companies specific needs. We supply and fit stand alone single access point systems to multi site remotely managed fully auditable access systems that integrate with existing security.

Access Control Systems can:
  • Add extra protection to your property
  • Restrict certain areas to specific staff
  • Limit access to sensitive areas
  • Monitor movement within a building
  • Protect entry to stock rooms
At Ablaze Building Solutions Ltd we design and install CCTV systems that range from simple camera and monitor observation systems to fully functional pan, tilt and zoom CCTV systems. Recording can be via digital recording facilities and IP server systems, and or off site Control and Monitoring CCTV Systems. All of the CCTV Systems are compliant with the SSAIB Code of Practice and The Home Office Recommendations and Code’s of Practice. We install CCTV Systems through the United Kingdom.

Our services include:
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Video Analytics
  • Monitored CCTV Systems
  • Safeguard against theft on-site
  • Deter vandalism and criminal activity
Disabled Solutions
BS8300:2009 requires each disabled toilet to be fitted with a suitable alarm, the key features being:
  • Emergency red pull cord must be provided with two 50mm diameter red loops.
  • Must enable calls for assistance to be made, even if the person has fallen to the floor.
  • An audible/visual indication positioned in a main office or reception area.
  • One alarm must be installed in each disabled toilet cubicle.
  • Calls to be cancelled down at origin (ensuring a call cannot be cancelled without being attended to)
All of Ablaze Building Solutions assistance call, disabled toilet alarms, staff attack and nurse call systems are compliant to relevant British and European Standards. All assistance call, disabled WC alarms, staff attack and nurse call systems service and maintenance visits are carried out as per our ISO 9001:2008

Intruder Alarms
Our Intruder alarms are designed and installed in compliance to EN50131, PD6662, and NACP11. We design, install, maintain and service intruder and burglar alarm systems throughout the United Kingdom. We install small commercial intruder alarm systems and also high tech multi-user controlled systems which can be fully integrated with access control and or CCTV. All of our intruder and burglar alarm systems can be monitored 24/7. If your alarms are activated, the key-holder responsible would be informed immediately.

Our services include:
  • Monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Compliant with insurance company regulations
  • Monitored by UK Based Alarm Receiving Centre
  • Designed to European Standard Intruder Alarm Policies
  • Can be fully Integrated with CCTV and or Access Control


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Ablaze Building Solutions Ltd General Description

Ablaze Building Solutions Limited provides specialist services to the building industry. These services include the design, installation and maintenance of fire detection systems, security systems and building control and monitoring systems
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