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ABI Facilities Engineering Ltd

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Mark Sheldon
Unit 13 Empire Close
Empire Industrial Park
West Midlands

About ABI Facilities Engineering Ltd

Commercial & Industrial Air Conditioning & Heating Midlands

ABI provide energy-efficient air conditioning and heat pump, warm air and water heating maintenance throughout the Midlands, UK.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive HVAC service covering all your organization’s Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning needs.

Our fully accredited and highly experienced technicians and engineers provide tailored air-conditioning and heat-pump installation, servicing, maintenance and fast response repairs.

We do our utmost to restore comfort and precise climate control to any industrial, commercial, clinical or public sector setting.

We serve commercial operations, industry and business situated in central England, within a 50 mile radius of our Aldridge Headquarters near Birmingham in the West Midlands.

Full Function Air Cooling & Heating
With a wealth of experience and technical knowledge, we install and maintain large, complex ‘Full Function’ air cooling and heating systems as effectively as simple, single room applications.

Whatever the size of your premises, we offer the right staff, equipment and services to keep your buildings and operations efficient and your staff & customers comfortable.

Unbeatable Air Conditioning Design & Installation
From initial planning through to commissioning plant we focus on delivering long term cooling and heating performance for your people and building.

We deliver on comfort, efficiency and seasonal flexibility whilst satisfying or exceeding your environmental obligations. That means operating costs are kept down and your working environment and comfort is maintained year in, year out.

Click here for more information on our air conditioning installation services and bespoke design services for air handling systems.

You can also search our sectors section for more information specific to your operational field.

Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance
Robust, Preventative Service & Maintenance Plans
Having a pre-determined, regular servicing plan helps save money as well as ensure comfortable working conditions. It helps to identify any equipment which may be likely to malfunction. ABI offer comprehensive service & maintenance plans.

This means that your air conditioning or HVAC system does not operate inefficiently over an extended period of time.

What is included in my Service & Maintenance plan?
Each air conditioning service plan is tailor made to suit your organisations equipment and operational needs.

However you can expect maintenance to include sensor calibration with inspection and testing of end devices, checks to be carried out on refrigerant type and weight, appropriate cleaning, filter changes and testing for leaks throughout the system.

We use our in-depth knowledge of the type of system you have in situ (whether or not we have installed it ourselves) to make sure the most effective plan is implemented.

Servicing Air Conditioning Equipment Across The Midlands
We carry out air conditioning servicing in all types of industrial and commercial premises, offices, public sector buildings, places of worship and educational institutions.

We can provide maintenance contracts to FM and commercial property managers in addition to end-user clients.

Heat Pump Technology For Efficient Electric Heating
Heat Pumps are an efficient way to heat or cool your property, by quietly transferring heat from the air outside and distributing it around your premises. You can save money on energy by sourcing 75% of your heating and hot water supply from energy extracted from the environment. In fact, heat pump based systems can be 4 times more efficient than electric heating systems. As the energy captured is a renewable resource you simultaneously reduce your emissions and carbon footprint.

As of 2025, new builds won’t be allowed to utilise gas or oil-fired boilers. Fossil fuel heating systems will be outlawed and buyers will be looking for premises that already use renewable heat sources, such as heat pumps. Heat pumps cost significantly less to run than conventional heating systems, especially traditional electric heaters. So, if you are in the market for a replacement heating system, get in touch to find out more about our heat pump installation service.

How Do They Work?
They transfer thermal energy from outside your premises to the inside using a pump, refrigerant and compressor.

Most heat pumps are Air Source or Ground Source, though water source heat pumps are among the most efficient, but they are less common as they rely on access to an adjacent body of water.


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