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Leanne Mitchell
42 Copperfields Way
Harold Wood

About QuickScale

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QuickScale provides an easy and simple way to scale, print and take measurements from PDF drawings on your PC. These PDFs can be emails from your client, scanned drawings, hand drawn sketches or even photographs saved as a PDF file.

QuickScale will calculate any measurement or area from a PDF as long as you know either the scale of the drawing or at least one reference measurement from site.

You will save time and money by not having to send your drawings to a printer; you will not have to spend hours on site measuring.

Print any drawing to scale and on A3 and A4
QuickScale allows you to print any part of any pdf drawing to any printer while maintaining the scale. This means you can still work from A4 paper by printing just the parts of the drawing you need at the scale you want.
  • Measure pdfs that are not to scale or don’t have any scale
  • Take off areas and measurements by clicking on their points and corners
  • Count items
  • Annotate on the pdf
  • Add room height to calculate room volume
  • QuickScale supports Windows XP
  • One off payment
  • No annual fees or renewals
  • Faster and more accurate than a scale rule
  • No internet needed
  • Free 30 day trial, register here
  • Prices start from £79 per licence

Reviews & Testimonials for QuickScale

5 star review
October 17, 2017
Loving the software!!
Testimonial by
Phil Davies, Coussens Cranes
5 star review
August 02, 2017
This is such a brill bit of software. I use it a lot of the time in the marine industry
Testimonial by
Charles Atkinson – Safinah
5 star review
October 30, 2015
What a great piece of software Quickscale is. I’m completely reliant on it in order to carry out my work these days.
Testimonial by
Mark Rogers, Surecalc Ltd
QuickScale. 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.



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Calcualte volumes from PDF

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Measure PDF

Scale prints PDF

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Print PDF drawings to scale


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Print to scale

PDF drawings

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brickwork measurement

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Unlimited, free help and support forever

No annual charges or renewals

Free updates

Free viewer for your customers, colleagues and site

Electronic scale rule

Save hours measuring dimensions

Print to any size printer - A4-A1

Add notes and text to the pdf

Count items on the drawing

Take areas and measurements off pdf

On screen takeoff

Construction takeoff

PDF Takeoff software

PDF Measurement Software

Measure PDF Drawings


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