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James Ridout
43 Palmer Road
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About Aquabion

Welcome to Aquabion UK – Modern Hard Water Treatment

Proven limescale protection

We have a proven track record internationally, not just by householders but by test labs and large industrial factories for stopping hard water (scale) damage.

Why should you risk your cash and more importantly your expensive plumbing system, with anyone else. Our products have been proved to solve hard water problems in scientific tests, in small domestic homes and in large factories. Some of our international clients include Proctor and Gamble, Siemens and Bosch.

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Other water softener technology can cause pitting corrosion and pin prick leaks, while others simply don't work.

Our hard water solution has been independently tested to reduce lime scale in water systems, saving up to 55% of energy costs. Payback can be very fast, due to the wide spectrum of savings in house hold chemicals, water heating as well as your appliances lasting longer.

Our hard water solution has been independently tested, to reduce limescale in your system. We let you see the full report in our test results page.

Aquabion ImageAquabion Image

How Does It Work?
Put simply:
The zinc in the Aquabion wants to react with the scale. As the ions from the Aquabion are released they quickly react with the scale, due to the patented eddy generator.

Pipes and elements will now become clear. Heating costs will now be under control. Repair and chemical bills will now be reduced.

Scientific answer:
The Aquabion has a highly pure, zinc sacrificial anode, this combined with Turbulence bodies create currents leading to a self-cleaning effect of the anode.

The Zinc dissolves and reacts with the Calcium bicarbonate, forming Aragonite. So we have changed a soluble rock into an insoluble rock.

How Hard Water Affects Your Plumbing System

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Why You Need Aquabion
Hard water is very damaging to your wallet! Some solutions are just as damaging to your wallet! Some don't even work...!

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