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Rob Robinson
Stockley Road
SN11 0PS

About ABC Anchors

The 60R Light, 60R and 89R Screw piles can be used on various structures from Wind turbines, solar panels, new builds, extensions, underpinning/foundation repair, canal/river bank restoration, flag poles, signs. Providing capacity ranging from 60-700kN.

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Advantages of Screw Piles
  • Speed of installation – often 10 minutes per pile up to 6 meters long
  • No wet trades – concrete is not used except to form ground beams or grout
  • Piles can accept full load immediately after installation
  • Monitoring of installation torque accurately indicates pile capacity – problems will show up on installation
  • As screw piles can be removed very easily they are well suited from temporary uses
  • Anchors can be supplied galvanised or fitted with cathodic protection to combat corrosion
  • Screw anchors can be installed at any angle to suit the load
  • A wide range of terminations are available to suit tension, compression and combination loads

Installation Equipment
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We produce a large range of excavator mounted torque heads up to 250,000Nm. Our Gimbal mount allows piles to be loaded from a horizontal position, improving safety and increasing productivity. (Suitable for machines from 750Kg to 50 tonnes)

ABC 400H Handheld Anchor driver
ABC anchors offer a 400H handheld hydraulic anchor driver, this product is ideal in confined spaces or areas of limited access. Offering 4000Nm of torque, it is ideal for ABC 60mm round screw piles giving max capacity of 120KN, it also comes with instant torque readout from a calibrated gauge.

Benefits of the ABC 400H anchor driver
  • Installation Torque up to 4000Nm
  • Ideal for AB Chance 38mm or ABC 60mm screw piles – 120KN capacity.
  • ‘Through Head’ pile feed allows installation of long piles in one piece.
  • Instant Torque Readout from calibrated gauge
  • Quiet operation - power pack can be away from the operation
  • Compact design allows installation close to existing foundation.
  • High torque reversible motor.
  • Telescopic torque arm is lightweight for ease of use.

Excavator mounted Powerheads
The 500H and 2500XG are excavator mounted powerheads. They are suitable for installing both 60R and 89R Piles and offer installation torques of 5000Nm and 25000Nm respectively.
They are easily mounted to most excavators and power by the ancillary hydraulics.

We also design & manufacture an extensive range of torque heads giving pile installers the best possible choice.

Why ABC Anchors & Autoguide….
'If you need foundations, we have the solution'
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