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Woodhouse Natural Pools

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01223 291 129
Will Woodhouse
Manna Ash House
74 Common Road
Weston Colville
CB21 5NS

About Woodhouse Natural Pools

Welcome to Woodhouse Natural Pools

Water is life-giving and the plant and microscopic life within it provides powerful self-cleansing forces. This is the purest form of water. It is cleansing and cooling and we are invigorated and calmed by its qualities. The original Biotop™ natural pool harnesses these natural cleaning powers so we can create safe and exceptionally beautiful pools for you to relax and enjoy in your own space.

Woodhouse Natural Pools with BIOTOP™ have been developing and building naturally filtered swimming pools here since 2000. Woodhouse Natural Pools are NOW the UK master partner for BIOTOP™, the first ecologically natural filtered swimming pool builder in the world. 25 years of developing the system, know-how and technical equipment development and testing with the high quality Woodhouse pool design and construction gives us our reputation as the market leader here in the United Kingdom.

Woodhouse Natural Pools is a division of Woodhouse Landscape Ltd, Chartered Landscape Architects & Landscape Contractors.

We have now completed a large variety of sizes and styles of pool and are currently working on the first commercial / public pools to be built in this country. There are 3000 BIOTOP™ pools built throughout the world varying in size from 25 to 2500 square metres. Every client who has a BIOTOP™ natural pool has recommended them. What better appreciation could we ask for?

The Natural Pool Range
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The perfect pool is the original Biotop™ natural pool.


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