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Natural Swimming Pools Ltd

Natural Swimming Pools Ltd Contact Details

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01223 291 129
Will Woodhouse
Maltings Barn
Hinderclay Road
IP22 1NF

About Natural Swimming Pools Ltd

We have been building and maintaining natural swimming pools since 2001. Before that we built up a wealth of experience as landscape gardeners, transforming outdoor spaces and building stunning water features. We now work all over the UK as well as overseas and are often featured in lifestyle magazines.

Will Woodhouse heads up our team of skilled builders, landscapers and plant specialists. We can provide a complete planning, construction and aftercare service and can tailor every aspect of the design to your personal preferences. We’ve been doing this for so long that there isn’t any request we can’t handle!

Our Pools:

Natural Swimming Pools
Our hand-crafted natural swimming pools are as good as it gets for you and for the environment.

Natural swimming pools feature outstanding design with exceptional natural filtration techniques we have developed in the UK. Biotop ‘phostech ultra’ filtration eliminates excess algae. Maintenance is the easiest of any natural pool system.

Enjoy stunning swimming and relaxation in a magical setting all year round. Surround the pool with lilies, reeds, rushes and iris, water mint and forget-me-not; watch hovering dragonflies and dipping swallows – and, if you are lucky, the occasional streak of a blue kingfisher.

Swimming Ponds and Lakes
Simple, perfectly ecologically-balanced clean swimming in the most natural looking planted ponds available.

Swimming ponds are our most natural solution for all year enjoyment and summer swimming.

We use simple construction by digging earth walls and sheet lining. The plants and swimming areas are divided by banks so the pool can be easily vacuumed and kept much cleaner than a garden pond. They are self-balancing and, even with the filter strimmers switched off, can be left for months at a time to look after themselves.

A beautiful pond with the lowest swimming pool cost possible.

Pure Living Pools without Plants
Without plants this is the only truly natural chemical-free swimming pool available on the market today.

The Biological filter which runs gently round the clock is separate from the swimming area and is covered to prevent sunlight causing algae and plant growth. During day time pool water is pumped rapidly through ultra-fine steel mesh skimmers which replace the sand filters in a conventional swimming pool.

For more consistent water clarity we use ultra-violet light. This naturally kills free floating living algae cells and germs without killing the filter bed.

Copying nature as it works best.


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